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  1. @Kraken da Mabini, i'm often leary about gluing since my track record of glued things lasting is very not good. I mean, i guess there may not be anything to lose as long as i don't do any more damage but i really don't have high confidence - especially when there is pressure internal to the knob (some that keeps the knob in a position and the rollers that let it turn - i think). @phxazcraig, no. I discovered the hairline crack between dives as I was articulating the knob and it turned too far - the mode position stopper didnt work. I'm guessing it came from being dropped on the table by the crew after the previous dive. Anyway, as I was playing with it trying to see what was wrong the plastic piece completely broke and a roller came out. As it is, the mode doesn't change as you turn the knob, so it is non-functional even if it wouldn't end up flooding or causing any other damage to the strobe. Prior to this, i've had zero problems with it. @Tinman, understand and agree. But i wasn't so much looking for a quote, just a WAG. See above for my concern about gluing, but maybe it's worth a try? i guess? I'm not all that attached to the YS-01 but I was kind-of hoping I could keep the strobe for a second 'generation' and just replace my old camera/enclosure. Thanks all for the responses.
  2. Looking for opinions, i have a S&S YS-01. Has worked well enough for several years. Before a dive earlier this year I noticed the mode knob on the back wasn't turning/stoping well which led me to discover a crack/break while articulating it. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations on what to do: send it off for repair or toss it/sell as damaged? Any ideas on how much they charge to service this stuff? I'd be inclined to try and repair this myself if i could get parts. No other issues that i know of and it has not been flooded. I tried asking the auth service companies (Backscatter/Pacific Housing repair) for guestimates on cost (not formal quotes) and was completely ignored. They all want me to send the strobe before they will offer a quote. So IMO, I need to either commit to all the shipping and repair, whatever it'll cost, or just get a new one and not waste the money in shipping. IMO, not sure it's really worth it if the total is well over $100 since i've seen these used for $200-250 on occasion. https://imgur.com/a/SHZoEHW
  3. Hello, US diver, VERY much an amateur. Dive with an RX100 M3 and Sea&Sea YS-01. At least i did, wondering whether i should get the YS-01 repaired or just replace it (posting elsewhere).
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