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  1. Thanks for the replies & photos. Very helpful. I guess your carry on were mainly camera gear and all the essentials that fit in the fishing jacket? Other critical items like the regulators or dive gears were checked?
  2. Do you have another carry on bag or just a smaller personal item/bag?
  3. I got this setup as outlined here but it seems almost the size of a CarryOn luggage. Is that how the airlines are counting this? Seems just way too big for a personal item. How does TimG fit that under seats? Its approaching size of the AirTank carryon luggages.
  4. I been shooting videos for several years with a Sony action cam Fdrx3000 and Gopro. Recently added a insta360 x2.The action cams are just not doing it for me any more w limited zoom and battery capacity.I had been holding off hoping eventually a compact or subcompact cameral that can do 4k60fps to no avail. Even the newest A6600 is limited to 4k30fps.Sony FX3 got me a bit excited w it able to fo 4k60fps. But it is still big and heavy to lug around.It seems to be the most compact cam at the moment able to make 4k60p at the moment. So I been thinking of getting it w a Seafrog housing (keeping the cost down) pair up w Kraken 8000 lights. Mostly will be for close up anr macros. May be occasional wide angle. TIA
  5. Hello from Southern California in US. I been diving consistently since 2014 mostly traveling to Asia, Indonesia to dive. I dive in the summer & warmer fall times in here in So Cal but I don't think i will ever get too comfy in the 50-60+ F degree water here. I mostly shoot underwater video w action cam setups and recently added a Insta 360 X2 for 360 videos. Just a little selfie screenshot of the 360 Video at Florida this month visiting the Goliath Groupers Looking to get more serious about underwater videography setup, wide angle or macro
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