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  1. Thank you for the feedback! Yes, AF-S 60mm was a preferable option, however, this lens is not in stock anymore, and I am looking for an alternative option.
  2. Hi All, For a macro photography, I am shooting with Nikkor 105mm micro lens, but looking also for some wider macro lens, to be mainly used in a "blackwater" conditions. Nikon have released a Nikkor Z50mm macro lens, but I've read its not a best choice for underwater. Could you please advise on a better macro lens choice for my Nikon Z7 + Nauticam housing setup, as an alternative solution for Nikkor 60mm which has been recently discontinued by Nikon. Thanks in advance, Alex Lemberg
  3. Hi, I am Alex Lemberg, a diver and underwater photographer (as a hobby). For underwater photography, I am using a Nikon Z7 with Nauticam Housing and ports. Looking to extend my lens arsenal, but having a hard time to make the right lens choice. Hope I will learn and receive some valuable feedback from the forum here. I use to upload my underwater photos to this instagram account - https://www.instagram.com/lembergarium/
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