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  1. Thanks all, these are some good points of view!
  2. Thanks bill, that's good way of looking at things.
  3. Thanks all, this is great stuff and really helping me understand the market.
  4. Thanks Tim! My reading is that the Ikelite housing new is generally less than the second hand Nauticam for the cameras I'm looking at (micro 4/3 and similar). I'll take a deeper look at it though before I make a final call. Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi Chris and Alex, Thanks for the really helpful replies. I guess my thinking is that I should go for Ikelite (unless I see a really really good second hand deal on Nauticam) due to the fact that I'm only starting out in underwater photography and I don't know if I'll stick at it, or what sort of direction I'll take it in. If in a year or two I feel I'm outgrowing the choices I make at this point then I think I'll be able to at least make some money back selling whatever I buy and buying something more appropriate. I'll heed the advice about checking out the zoom gears etc and make sure I get something that I think I can work with for what I want to do for now though. Many thanks! Chris
  6. Hi all, I'm new to underwater photography, despite being a diver of many years. I did a week this year with a TG6 in a housing and really enjoyed it, so I thought I'd upgrade to something mid-range to learn more on. In doing this I'm trying to understand housings. It seems to me that most of the second hand housings available (I'm in the UK) are Nauticam, but despite being heavily discounted, they're still often more expensive than a new Ikelite housing - and definitely so when you consider adding in the dome that they don't usually come with. Is there a reason for all this, like do Ikelite housings not last well enough to sell on, or are they poor quality so no-one buys them, or do Nauticam owners always want the latest and greatest, or is there something else I'm not understanding in this world? Many thanks for your help with what I'm sure will be the first of many very basic questions! Chris
  7. Hi all, I'm an experienced diver and instructor in a diving club in London, UK. I mainly dive around the UK and particularly enjoy more adventurous diving around our less visited shores. I recently got a TG5 and have enjoyed taking a few shots. I'm intending to upgrade to something more advanced and move on from there. Looking forward to learning a lot! Chris
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