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  1. Due to upgraded equipment I am selling my Olympus Pen 9 rig with "custom" (read: none-standard) Nauticam grip for increased comfort. House was purchased new a year ago (9-15-2021) and has 2 year warranty in The Netherlands. I am happy to provide the original receipt.Never been flooded, comes with vacuum pump, done around 40 dives. Housing and camera looks brand new. No scratches in any of the glass.The set comes with 3x original batteries and charger (European plug, but I will provide a US converter). 2 batteries purchased recently. Price: $850 Location: Austin, Texas
  2. Hello TimG, Appreciate your reply. As mentioned, I understand the need to protect a community like this from people with fraudulent intentions and scammers in general, I had just hoped this could have been resolved without the need to both delete my posting in the classified forum and disable my ability to post here (which does seems to have been restored, so thank you very much for that). Best Regards Christoffer Bengtsson
  3. Hello TimG, I am not sure what value 3 "random" posts are providing to anyone on this website. As an engineer I do my very best in life to be specific, accurate and first and foremost not waste peoples time or energy. I have already purchased an item from your classified section and this was very difficult due to my inability to post in the comment of the item. I signed up as a member to Wetpixel more than 2 months ago with the purpose of making sure that some of my dear underwater camera equipment will create value and great memories for a new underwater photographer. I have found it extremely difficult to figure out what was required to enable the ability to reply to threads, post threads and post threads in classified. I have reached out to the support email several time to clarify this but received no replies. After several searches I finally find this thread and see that several other people have had the same issue. While I fully understand the need to protect this community against spam and potential fake users trying to purchase and/or sell items with bad intentions, I find it hard to recognize the welcoming environment of scuba diving that I have experienced for so many years in your reply above and decision to suspend my ability to post an item for sale. Best but dissapointed regards Christoffer Bengtsson
  4. Hello All, My name is Christoffer. I am from Denmark but currently living in Austin Texas. Excited to be part of this community!
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