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  1. @shanesmith.photos thanks for sharing those galleries, great photos! Definitely shows off the versatility of the setup.
  2. Thank you for the great feedback, will need to put in more leg days and make sure I can cover those distances in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Thanks yes I have done the Marlin run and shark expeditions with a fisheye and yes it definitely can be a challenge in getting to the “right” position…definitely will stick to a zoom lens. WACP-C sounds great…I like to keep almost all of my gear in a backpack that’s why I’m going the WWL route…
  4. I have a less than 2 year old Isotta housing setup from my Sony A7iii for sale, that has been meticulously cared for. There is some wear on the sun shade for the dome port and very minor abrasion on the dome itself that doesn't impact it optically. Also comes with all original packaging. I have mainly used my setup shooting the Sigma 15mm fisheye, Tamron 17-28mm, and 28-60mm for macro. Isotta Housing for Sony A7iii (MSRP $3290) Isotta Optical Flash Trigger (MSRP 280) Isotta Extension ring 60 mm - B120 (MSRP $217) Isotta 6 inch Dome Port, acrylic - B120 (MSRP $650) Isotta zoom ring Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 (MSRP $115) Vivid Housing Leak Sentinel V5XB M16 vacuum system (MSRP $260) Isotta Ball Joint Adapters 45 degree angle (quantity 2) (MSRP $85) Macro Port M67 H63 for 28-60mm lens (MSRP $271) Total MSRP $5168 Asking price for full package $3462 + shipping (will be packed in all original packaging), prefer US based sale I also do have the Sony A7iii body and Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 lens which are both in excellent condition, DM if interested.
  5. Wow quite an impressive resource this will be really useful for planning trips!
  6. Thank you appreciate the insight, I was just overthinking it…
  7. I also would echo support for Curacao, actually had my honeymoon there...tucked out of the hurricane zone and shore diving galore options, the town of Willemstad is really nice and it's easy to get around the island.
  8. I know weather is unpredictable nowadays and I actually went to Grand Cayman in October 2019 technically right in the middle of hurricane season and had an amazing time, weather was perfect. I was in the same situation where my wife wanted to have other activities available. We stayed at the Marrott Beach House resort (which has an awesome gin bar, but I digress) and used Living the Dream Divers. It was super easy, they picked me up was on their boat in 5 minutes and a short ride out I was able to do two dives and be back at the resort between 11-12 pm. I found the wall diving to be awesome and of course there is shore diving available as well. I liked my location for the resort because it gave us easy access to town and eat at a variety of restaurants. It was nice getting my dives/photography fix in and still have an option for many other activities.
  9. Looking at building up a Nauticam A7IV setup...I like doing a lot of pelagic type expeditions (ex. Marlin run, Mobula rays, Whales, etc..) and probably do scuba 50% of the time. I would like to have a streamlined setup particularly when freediving/open ocean swimming and a lot of on and off boats in general. I am now suffering from likely overthinking a situation. I know the WWL-1b setup with flat port 45 and 28-60mm lens is well proven and has zoom through. I also notice that the sony 24mm G lens with flat port 23 and WWL-C setup can work but then I am locked at a 130 FOV. Unfortunately don''t have a local Nauticam dealer, is there a perceptible difference in size/weight of both setups? Thanks in advance.
  10. Sorry forgot to include that I currently shoot a Sony A7iii with Isotta housing, mainly WA and fish ID shots. I really like pelagic expeditions recently and have been to Baja recently for sharks and the Marlin run. I’m debating on whether I need to upgrade now and sell my current rig that’s what initially drew me to wet pixel.
  11. Thank you @oneyellowtang! This is very helpful, I am leaning towards a wet optic now. Some days I feel like I should just sell all of my stuff and upgrade to the sony A7iv and Nauticam gear…
  12. Hello there while this is not a trip report I am fortunate to be going to Moorea to try swimming with the humpback whales in October. I am currently shooting with a Sony A7iii in Isotta housing and use a sigma 15mm or Tamron 17-28mm behind a 6 inch acrylic dome. I know the dome is small for the Tamron. While I love my fisheye I have heard it can be nice to have some “reach” and most times you won’t be right on top of the whales. I’m debating whether I buy a larger dome for my Tamron or go with the 28-60 in a H63 flat port both which I have….and go with a wet optic like the AOI UWL-09PRO or WWL… Of course the wet optic option is not tested by Isotta so don’t know if it will work well… Any thoughts are appreciated
  13. Hello I’m Samir from Arizona, look forward to connecting and learning from you all!
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