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  1. My dive buddy and I enjoy muck diving. Mainly love sheltered dives where we get to observe critters doing what critters do. We are looking for any other dive recommendations for dive resorts around Asia where we don’t have to take a land transfer to get to the dive boat. Was looking at Tulamben and Brunei but it seems most if not all resorts do not have a jetty where one can easily get into a dive boat. The resorts we liked and why. Resortname-Location:Reasons Kasawari -Lembeh:direct boat access, decent food, great team Crystal Blue Dive Resort-Anilao:direct boat access Cocotinos-manado:direct boat access, okay food Lizard Island-GBR:Great food,very laid back environment, dive boat access wasn’t as geared toward daily dives but we did a lot of other activities. Wakatobi-Indonesia:easy access to boats and good was good but not much muck diving, corals were great though. Wasn’t as focused on taking photos. Would love to hear from others who have had good experiences. Wading through all the other trip reports for dive dive inspiration.
  2. Been diving with my compact Sony Rx100 (first edition) it still shoots. But I’ve been meaning to upgrade. Mainly taking underwater macro photography. And the working distance with a wet lens just doesn’t work for me. I don’t dive that many times a year. A good year precovid would be maybe two week long dive trip. But the lack of a working distance for things like hairyshrimp and Pygmy seahorses kills me. I have access to a canon 5d mkii but I’ve been looking at the R5 and the R3 as well. Was hoping I’d be able to get some feedback from other users here. What would you use to take photos of things like hairy shrimp, skeleton shrimp, nudis, Pygmy cuttlefish, and seahorses?
  3. Hello everyone. Just getting my fins wet again after not diving for what seems like an eternity (pre-Covid) have always been shooting on a compact (Sony rx100) and love doing macro shots. here for some recommendations and tips!
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