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  1. Hello ! I'm selling my Easydive bracket / upgrade kit for EasyDive Leo 3 Wi housing programmed for a Sony A7II. I recently sold my A7II to use my A7III with a new bracket, so I don't use this one anymore. It works perfectly, no damage and it was checked by EasyDive during the yearly maintenance of my housing. As I'm based in France (Lyon) i'm asking 150$ for it. If you have any questions i will answer you as soon as possible
  2. Hi there ! I replied a year later, but i'm a Sony A7III user with a EasyDive Leo 3 Wi housing. Yes you can program functions on differents buttons, by example to switch between the different focus mode (AF, MF, etc.). There is a little adaptation by using the commands instead of mechanicals command as I had before on a Ikelite housing. But i didn't regret my choice ! The strength of the EasyDive Housing too is the internal battery could charge your camera (available since A7III model i think) Don't be shy to ask me question
  3. Hi ! I discovered and answered 1 year later but don't hesitate to contact Fabio from EasyDive. He's very nice and available to help you and give you advises. On Easydive's website you have a simulator which help you to find the good set-up with your lenses, camera, etc. I hope this late message will help
  4. Hi everyone ! I'm a french scubadiver and underwater photographer addict I'm using a Sony A7III with a Easydive Leo3 Wi housing and stuffs. I'm happy to discover talented people and pictures !
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