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  1. Should've checked Black Friday deals. I saw 40mm one for less than half of the price I believe.
  2. Hello, WETPIXEL users! I recently purchased Nauticam A7C from South Korea through my family. It costed me about $2600 for new, which is $900 cheaper than US. I was going to pick it up in March, but it's just too hard to wait to play with my first full-frame toy... (I got everything but dome and housing) Instead, I'm asking my family to ship it via EMS before Christmas season... but I'm totally lost regarding to HS code for underwater housing. The most precise one was 4202.99.9000 according to https://www.customsmobile.com/rulings/docview?doc_id=NY+L83830 Please let me know if you know how to deal with US customs. Thank you and have a great week!
  3. My dream destination for vacation... unfortunately I upgraded my camera recently
  4. Does it fit z-330? I have retra snoot with broken tie (the black part)
  5. diving with another photographer and one guide might be a good idea. We were not too separated but looking for different subjects so we didn't bother or were bothered by other divers. It might be more expensive, but was worth it. In socorro, nautilus liveaboard had policy that diver can go alone anytime during the dive, but if anything happens, it's on you solely. They did provide emergency GPS locator in case of missing on the surface though. I believe only one diver was diving alone without buddy for the entire trip though.
  6. I got Lens and 35.5mm adaptor. Still waiting for response for mc-11!
  7. I am looking for Sigma 15mm fisheye lens, mc-11 and Nauticam 35.5mm N100 - N120 port adaptor as I'm upgrading my rx100m5 to a7c in January or March... let me know if you are interested!
  8. Dwarf Lionfish by Jin L., on Flickr Reef by Jin L., on Flickr Acropora by Jin L., on Flickr Bull Shark by Jin L., on Flickr Sea Fan by Jin L., on Flickr Coral by Jin L., on Flickr Never used Flickr before... Hope it worked!
  9. Trying flickr... it's not that complicated i guess!
  10. Hello! My name is Jin from S. Korea. I've been taking uwpics with my rx100 since 2016, but I feel like I need to get a better camera... so I decided to go for a7c and nauticam housing in march. I decided to join wetpixel as my buddy in Stuart, FL recommended. I hope to learn more about fullframe from wetpixel! Thank you.
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