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  1. On 11/9/2022 at 5:41 PM, TimG said:

    Hey Michael

    Like Stoo I use a D500 with a Tokina. I've mulled many times of having a little extra reach with the 10-24 but always concluded that I would be buying yet another lens that I probably would not use that often!

    I've also got a 4" and an 8" port. Yep, the 8" is great for over/unders which are very difficult indeed with the 4" unless it's flat calm.

    But for "normal" use can I see any difference? Nope. 

    You don't mention what the FE lens is. If it's a 10-17 Tokina I certainly would not bother using up valuable luggage space by hauling both FE and the 10-24. If it's a 10.5 FE then, depending on what you are expecting to photograph, I might be tempted to take the 10-24 setup as well. But for me, FEs on a D500 with a mini dome are pretty damn good for the vast majority of WA situations.

    Thanks a lot Tim, very helpful, and it’s reassuring to hear that the minidome + FE will work for most scenarios. It was originally with the Sigma 10mm f/2.8 but I’ve just picked up a Tokina 10-17 for that extra reach. If I feel the burning need for over/unders in the future, I will consider an 8” dome then. 

  2. On 11/9/2022 at 5:00 PM, Stoo said:

    Michael, I use the same camera with a Tokina 10-17. At home, where I shoot wrecks exclusively, I use an 8" acrylic dome. When space is an issue and I'm shooting reefs, I use the 4" minidome. As I see it, there are no disadvantages at all the the smaller dome, other than over/unders I suppose. On the other hand, the mini dome allows me to focus right to the surface of the port, so I can shoot essentially what is wide angle macro. The other advantage in this situation is that because of the small size and small hood, it's easier to light tiny subjects since the dome isn't in the way.

    Here are two shots from Browning Pass from last month. With the nudi shot, the dome was almost touching the nudibranch, but I could still get some appealing background.

    With the shot of the two warbonnets, they were tucked into a little crevice with both an overhang and "underhang". Again, I was able to get the minidome right up to within an inch of the two fish, but still get the wide angle I needed. I will add that because these two fish were tucked well back, most of the lighting is from my little focus light. (It was shot at night). (This shot is cropped a bit, top and bottom).

    Anyway, my point is that I would not have been able to get either of these shots using a larger dome.

    As for corner sharpness, my dome is an Aquatica and it was specifically designed for the Tokina 10-17, so it's sharp corner to corner. Honestly, the only reason I use the 8" dome at home is because it adds a little buoyancy. I don't use floats at all, so in freshwater, the rig is fairly heavy.



    Opalescent nudibranch vert kelp © DSC_7568.jpg

    Two decorated warbonnets © DSC_8215.jpg

    Stoo, thanks for the great info, it’s super helpful. I think I will stick with the minidome! Also, fantastic photos. 

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  3. Hi! I’m trying to figure out whether my 6.5inch/165mm dome, paired with a 10-24mm DX lens on my Nikon D500, is worth packing alongside my 4 inch/100mm minidome & fisheye lens. Alternatively, I will just bring the fisheye and minidome, and wait to use the rectilinear wide-angle lens until I can splash out on an 8 or 9 inch dome. This will save me a fair amount of luggage space in the meantime as well.

    The questions I have are mainly:
    - Will IQ/corner sharpness be even nearly acceptable with the 6.5 dome & 10-24mm lens? 
    - Will the fisheye & minidome on the DX sensor render *acceptable* corners for classic wide-angle shots at a pinch?

    Thanks for the advice! 

  4. Hi everyone, first post on here! It involves a couple of different questions, so thanks in advance for your attention... 

    I've recently upgraded from a compact to a used Hugyfot DSLR housing for my Nikon D500 that I already used for topside photography. The purchase included: Sigma 10mm EX DC HSM f/2.8 fisheye lens, 20mm & 50mm extension rings, 6.5" acrylic dome port (note: I do not know if the true diameter of the dome is 6.5"; it is not a full hemisphere, but I don't have it to hand right now to measure). 

    In addition to this, I already have a Sigma 105mm OS HSM f/2.8 macro lens and a Tamron 10-24mm Di II VC HLD rectilinear wide-angle (both good lenses in their own right - at least above water) that I am hoping to be able to use with the housing.

    My first questions are: does anyone have experience using the Sigma macro and Tamron wide-angle lenses underwater, and if so are they worth building my setup with? The Nikkor 105mm VR Micro is the direct competitor of the Sigma, but I would prefer not to have to upgrade if possible. 

    If they are indeed worth using underwater, does anyone know the correct extension rings for using i. the Sigma with a Hugyfot flat port, and ii. the Tamron with the 6.5" dome port? Hugyfot lens compatibility charts aren't super comprehensive, and I don't trust myself to correctly identify the entrance node of the Tamron. I am also considering selling the 6.5" dome port and getting the 7" fisheye port instead if the dome optics with the Tamron wide-angle would work fine, but I can't find any comparative info using my lenses. 

    Final question has to do with some wear on the housing anodisation itself. It seems that something rough has come into contact with the rear of the housing and (I think) exposed the aluminium in two small areas (the damage is half the size of a pea). Thankfully the housing was mostly used in a freshwater pool previously, but obviously I want to prevent any corrosion ASAP and would welcome any advice on this. I attach a photo of this damage. 

    Thanks again,


    Image 11-10-2022 at 19.21.jpg

  5. Hey! Relatively new UW photographer coming from a background of nature photography on dry land. Completely hooked when I started UW in 2017 with a compact camera, and now I’ve finished studying I’m hoping to do a lot more. Thought it would be a great time to connect with this community and its wealth of knowledge. Trying to match my current on-land DSLR kit, lenses etc. with appropriate dome and extensions, so will be asking for input on this!


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