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  1. My KRL 09s weighs 2.2 lbs. no integrated. float collar. Below: 30mm at f8, 1/30, iso 100
  2. Sorry, typo- too heavy for a flip adapter IMO
  3. However I find it a heavy lens to put on a flip diopter and for ease underwater, a float ring helps. Using OM1 in nauticam with 30mm and KRL 09s.
  4. FS: Excellent used condition. Serviced after last dive and sitting for 3 years. nauticam housing NA EM5II with vacuum kit installed. Asking $1200. Buyer pays shipping. olympus OMD EM5II. Asking $600. buyer pays shipping
  5. Housing, very good used condition with some scratches in exterior paint. Sitting on shelf for 4 years and serviced after last dive. Has vacuum system installed. Asking $625 Olympus camera OMD EM5 in excellent used condition with flash attachment. Asking $240
  6. If you are separating your system, I am looking for a Nauticam 4.33 dome port #36132. Thanks.
  7. Sorry, nauticam says to not check housings at all, or just not with camera inside? Thanks.
  8. Rob I have used the sport diver and other phone housings just for convenience on occasion. It is a finicky housing to my mind- I eventually had 3 housings as you never knew which one you would be able to alarm ok. The sensor would get wet even from humid air apparently and drying it with the hair dryer which the company rep recommended, did not always work. It does take good pics in good lighting. I used 2 video lights but even with that, below 25 ft the light was just not good. Strobes were a big need and of course not usable with that housing.,
  9. Has anyone tried “photostick omni”?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts. Maybe should have stuck with it instead of upgraded.
  11. Thanks. Yes I saw it discussed but never really was clear about doing so in checked luggage. I have done so without problems but this may not be the safest practice for many reasons, including theft.
  12. How about comments on the pros and cons of packing your mirrorless camera inside a nauticam housing with orings removed to save on space for travel?
  13. How dated for resale do ppl consider an Oly OM D EM1 Mark III with nauticam housing for resale?
  14. This is an old post and looking back, roughly, there are less than 1% posts of female divers. Any women interested in weighing in on fins for hard current but not too heavy?
  15. Is the tax that is charged at the airport for bringing underwater photo gear into Western parts of Mexico considered a similar thing to the above shooting permit? It is not always charged so I have wondered if it is a local scam or is it in lieu of a shooting permit? Thanks
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