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  1. Hey, Unfortunately my camera got wet just before I even arrive at my diving destination and use it. It is.a sony rx 100 va. It was in a backpack in a camera bag and a bottle leaked out. I know, stupid mistake. I also didn't read how to solve this before acting. So I just wiped off the water and then tried to switch on to see if it works. For a while nothing happened, I wiped a bit more and then the lens moved out, but after that nothing. So then I started reading and removed the battery and memory card and am trying to dry it now. Is there any chance that it will work again or did I destroy it by switching it on wet? There might be a small chance of buying a new camera before reaching the diving destination, that's why I'm asking. Thank you so much
  2. Thanks! Breathing on it and wiping actually worked. Before I tried wiping with water, but apparently didn't do enough wiping. So the problem is solved.. Another question I wanted to ask is about the buoyancy of the housing. Unfortunately it is a bit positively buoyant. I didn't expect this.. How do you apply weights to solve this? I don't know yet if I want to use a tray and strobes already, becuase it seems a bit much in the beginning and also more weight to carry. Also I don't really think strobes will help a lot with wide angle photos
  3. Hi, I just bought a used wide angle wet lens for my rx 100 VA. I noticed some weird colorful spots on the rim of the lens. Does anyone know how to remove this or if it's not possible to remove, if it will show and affect the photos? I also wanted to ask if you take your housing and wet lenses in the hand luggage or registered luggage in flights? Thanks!
  4. Hi I'm Finn. I want to finally start doing underwater photography a bit more serious after just using gopro and have read the forum for a while. I decided to create an account to be able to discuss experiences and ask questions here. I got the 100 VA with fantasea housing. Still considering strobes..
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