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  1. Superb video. Look forward to more. If wishes were horses, would be there yesterday ! Thanks for sharing Diggy
  2. Hi there, Budget permitting go for a system that is most dynamic and one you can grow with. If a serious photographer for publishing articles in magazines, digital media etc etc then I would avoid point and shoot options. Like the post above says, there are some really great DSLR deals that are worth looking at. Mirrorless though are lighter and smaller to carry. Finally keep asking yourself, why do you want to take these images and what is your final goal with them. This then would go a long way in deciding the system most suitable, budget permitting. Diggy
  3. Yea I believe so. Therefore will carry the Z240's too. BTW, had seen that review and to be honest it did not seem too negative. Anyways the weight of each strobe is close to or just over a kg. Will post my results once I return. Diggy
  4. Yes The Z240's are work horses beyond compare. I am still using mine effectively since 2012. And I have only changed the magnets. They still perform flawlessly. I am about to travel to the Maldives next week and will be trying out the new SUPE Scubalamp D Max strobes. But guess what, am also taking the Z240's with me.....Just in case
  5. Absolutely agree. It was so much fun. and then the satisfaction of the cables working. Its a huge "feel good factor". Diggy
  6. lovely video.... Thanks for sharing
  7. Hi guys would love to join this, but shipping/customs in India is one big major headache, therefore can't. Did manage to get 20 meters of cable 10 meters 213 core and 10 meters 19 core. They still charged me duty even on this ! With duty cost of cable and shipping, it cost me about USD 90 in total. of which the cable cost was just USD 21 Have just made two cables of the 213 core (coiled though) and they work perfectly. Rolled the cables on a wooden pencil and kept a rubber band on each side to secure the coils so they don't unravel. Then dipped the pencil in warm water, just getting to boiling point in about two minutes holding the two loose ends of the cable. Kept it in there for about 45 seconds. After that with the cable still in the water, put the entire vessel with the pencil still dipped in, under a cold water tap. Let the water pour till it became the same temperature as the tap water. Be careful that the dry part of the cables don't touch the vessel, cause they will start to melt. It worked really well, thanks to all you guys at WP. Here is an image of the cables. One with the ends without any connectors and one completed. Thanks to Tim, got the connectors from the place suggested by you on this thread,
  8. Something like the attached images can be made with cost of less than USD 90 plus shipping. Its available at https://www.bgningoem.com Butterfly clamps, tray, arms etc. all included in this cost. Hope this helps
  9. This would help clear what the max sync usable is :
  10. Thanks for this great synopsis. Clears a lot of issues for underwater photographers. No 3 above url is: https://fiberfin.com/product/1-x-2-2mm-industrial-pof-cable-19-multi-core-ul-vw-1-rated-500-meter-spool/ Diggy
  11. I could get the 217 core 10 meters with shipping to India for $75 Which I think is a still a good buy
  12. Thanks that clarifies my question later in the chat.
  13. Thanks I realised after studying this a bit more :-)
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