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  1. Wow that's intersting. Thanks Adam.
  2. OK this image clarifies the placement. Its a larger image of what is shown in the book.
  3. yup same for me. probably means 122. here the position is depicted by an image, but maybe not so clear. could it possibly mean something like this ?Or is the angle even steeper towards your head ? Alex needs to jump in
  4. Lovely images and the lighting is great. Thanks for sharing. Diggy
  5. Happy holiday and hopefully more diving in 2021 with better images for all wetpixel members. Great resource, information and help here for which thanks to all. Have a great 2021
  6. I don't know if this is what you are looking for and if its the perfect Snells's shot. But this was taken with a token 10-17 at 10mm with a Canon 7D cropped APSC sensor.
  7. Totally loved watching this. Its one of my favourite destinations and took a group there diving. BUT want to go alone for a few weeks. Thanks for sharing this and some amazing work being done there. Diggy
  8. And this one may work too. Also its cheaper. Thanks to Pomacentridae I may buy one of these. https://aocoolers.com/48-pack-mossy-oak-elements-manta-cooler.html
  9. Hi Tim, I have been using this bag : https://www.polarbearcoolers.com/product/original-48-pack-soft-cooler/ since 2012. Yes the zippers tend to get verdigris but every time I am back from a trip I just spray some silicone based spray such as https://www.amazon.com/3M-Silicone-Lubricant-Net-Fill/dp/B0002BBX4Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=AerolĀ®+Silicone+Lubricant+Spray%2C+(300g%2F513+ml)&qid=1600410007&sr=8-1 and the bag is still going strong ! Its very large and takes in a Nauticam Housing for a 7D with arms and strobes all well tucked in. Also works well as a rinse tank and protection for your housing/camera. One of the image shows the verdigris on the zipper. But all works well. Cheers, Diggy
  10. Would you say that this power is also good enough for wide angle videos Bill ? Thanks
  11. Yes I agree totally. Some lovely images ! Thanks
  12. Here are some from Moi The image of snells window reminded me of the nursery rhyme 'hey diddle diddle......... just some fun. Cheers, Diggy
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