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  1. Done thank you for the efforts. Much appreciated. Its a great community.
  2. Hi Tim, My company Scubacentric organises dive trips. Last year we were there with 11 divers in September first week: Diving was great but with very few oceanic Mantas. Mellisa's Garden an iconic dive site with miles of hard coral had greenish water. So some dives had minor viz issues, We also had a mixed bag of divers, some experienced and some not. This year we are taking 8 divers and dates are mid October onwards so that we can. hopefully encounter more mantas with better visibility. Nowadays weather is a bummer and very unpredictable. We have been dealing with Meridien Dive Adventure. They are a bundle of efficiency with great rooms, food etc etc. Send me a PM if you need more info or an introduction. Hope this helps Cheers, Diggy
  3. AS DUMB AS THIS MAY SOUND, could there not be a contribution/donation/fee by members, subject of course to the technical issues being sorted ? Would that not help..or is it that people may not wish to pay ? I love this community and preservation is what I hope for. Diggy
  4. loved watching this..thanks
  5. Just to update that I could get two of these and they are being shipped to me as I write this. So I retract my earlier statement/post. Diggy
  6. Thanks Phil for this input. I did want to buy these but are they selling this separately from the housing ? I meant that last I checked they would not independent sell only these unless I purchased a Marelux housing or some other Marelux stuff. Thanks Diggy
  7. super images loved all of them. the hairy shrimp is special. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Thanks a ton, Traveling to Bali from tomorrow. Let me see how this works. Diggy
  9. I saw a diver with an immensely powerful focus lights..more like 8K to 12K lumen power. He was on a black water dive with us with his own guide and got some really nice images. Does one need such a powerful search light/focus light ? He was on a reef night dive with us too and to face him was to loose your sight for the next few minutes. Is this really a necessity or an overkill? Diggy
  10. I have a few lights, namely the Sola 1200 with spot, Sola 2000 video and Fix Neo 2500 DX along with the snood attachment. I also have two V6 pro Scubalamp 12K lumen video lights. I am quite sure that the 12K lumens are not an option at all even at lower powers as the angle of spread is very wide. What amongst the above would be best? Thanks in advance for looking and any advice shared. Diggy
  11. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks Chris. NOW to start looking for a good HDD
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