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  1. There is no guarantee that they will swell or loose shape equivalently all through. One can't control this. And yes degradation is a definite possibility in time.
  2. WOW lucky you. And love the first image. What an experience. I am planning on doing Srilanka next year to look for these. Fingers crossed. Diggy
  3. Thanks a ton. This is also most helpful. I have gone and obtained a 1DX MK3 with Monitor etc etc. And need to get this behemoth completely neutral underwater. Diggy
  4. Thanks, Wolfgang, this is of great help. Diggy
  5. Has anybody used these kind of exercise blocks as buoyancy floats ? These can easily be cut to a shape desired and am sure one can easily make a hole to arm size or as required. They are compressed foam blocks made of Polypropylene. These seem to float nicely in a bucket of water and also don't seem to retain water. But don't know what pressure would do while diving ? Thanks for any help. Here is a link https://www.amazon.in/AmazonBasics-Set-Yoga-Blocks-Black/dp/B01FN7X7KE/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=exercise%2Bblocks&qid=1636531775&sr=8-5&th=1
  6. Yes I agree with that! Lest see how long they last :-)
  7. Thanks, Yes had gone through that review. Although I have not tried the Retras (and I do believe they are fantastic) am honestly happy to have moved to these from my old solid and faithful Z240's. Still have them. These are powerful enough though, definitely more than the 240's. I am now looking to make some diffusers for these that may render softer light. Diggy
  8. I recently used these strobes on a trip to the Maldives. This is in no way a professional review, but I was v happy with the strobes. The luxury of not worrying on recycle time at around half power was something that my earlier strobes would not allow. Also they would last for over 3 dives easy and recharging time was within 3 hours. They are heavy for travel though. A single battery to charge also helped. Each single battery has 4 18650 rechargeable cells. One could shoot a series of images which had dynamic action scenes that were changing every second. I still felt that the diffusers should be more matte than they are currently as the light in my personal opinion was a little harsh and the diffusers, though helped, could have been made to render softer light. Am attaching some images that I took with these strobes. Due to limitations on upload will add below this topic. Diggy
  9. Davide I did buy these and they are a similar size to the nauticam larger clamps. But like I said in in reply to the above query. Am not sure if they would last as long as the nauticam ones.
  10. I would definitely say that these clamps are v. good. I just used them on a 14 day trip. BUT the ultralight would have an edge in terms of how long they would last/function efficiently IMHO. Diggy
  11. Check this out. You will get your answers :-) https://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?/topic/68006-group-buy-for-613-core-fiber-cable/&tab=comments#comment-429903
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