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  1. Will do these tests too Chris Thanks
  2. Obviously the leak was due to some error on my part (possibly.) Cause I was relying on the green flashing light to ensure and secure my worries about any kind of leakages. The leak sentinel is an additional measure of protection post carefully securing your front port and back door. But I am still flummoxed as to why there was a regular small leak from the front ??? I checked and double checked all again and again. Therefore I had asked the question earlier....does excess pressure do something to induce a leak ? And then for the next 10 days post changing the sensor there were no leaks ??????? so I had renewed my faith in the sensor working. In fact I even changed from a mini dome to a macro 60mm port on the boat without any issues post sensor change. Look guys I am still confused. But it probably was error on my part. Diggy
  3. sorry guys for not responding earlier. Had erratic internet. The problem was resolved once i changed the sensor on the leak detector. i used an older version (III) i think, which was a spare i had. The reason i was not using this one was that it would eat up battery very fast. But post the change all was well without any issues at all even with using the same ports as mentioned in my earlier mails. Post pumping the light would turn green and there were no issues at all. Diggy NB: Tim: will write to Miso about this, i am sure he would know what the problem was.
  4. Well there could be one answer and that is that the sensor on the leak detector is defective. There could be a little vacuum left which is why it may not open but the flashing is incorrect. I have a spare sensor so will replace this one and then let's see what happens. To me this seems the only answer for now. Will be diving again day after, so will keep you all informed. Diggy
  5. Hi Chris, The website says that green LED blinking means safe to dive. Yes Chris, it is blinking green and i does mean it's safe to dive. You say a small amount of water leaks in - Yes somewhere through the dive the front dome has some water in it. how have you confirmed this : one can clearly see the water in the dome. and what do you mean by front and back are secure? I mean the front dome is locked in and even when you unlock and try to pull it out it will not come out as the vacuum has secured it in. Same holds for the back of the housing. Only when you open and release the vacuum can one open the front port and the back. Do hope the above is clear ? Diggy
  6. So i have a vacuum valve fixed on the housing. After pumping and creating the vacuum the green light flashes and if checked both, the front and the back are totally sealed. Even then there seems to be a very small amount of water that seeps in ??? Is there some reason or am i vacuuming extra ? Even after the minor leak both the front and back are secure. I use the leak sentinel. Any help on why would be much appreciated. Diggy
  7. Tim do you think a 13" Mac book Air does the trick ? My daughter just got herself a new Mac Book pro! and her air is just lying around :-( Currently am using a 6-7 year old Mac Book pro which is still an efficient workhorse. Diggy
  8. Use a powerful focus light. Which one are you using currently ? Diggy
  9. Please do look at this thread...and look at my answer there. May help. Diggy http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61848&hl=
  10. Nice images, enjoyed watching them. Loved the first one, never heard of this fish before.
  11. Loved watching this, brings back fond memories. Will definitely go back this year. Thanks for sharing. Diggy
  12. Well i could never adjust to a 45 degree viewfinder preferring the straight. But i think the bigger issue could be not using a focus light. Get a good powerful focus light of at least 500 lumen or more and where power can be manually adjusted. This will really help i think. Cheers, Diggy
  13. Manual white balance, A magic red filter behind the lens and getting closer would solve these issues. Most have already suggested this above. Also set the the color temperature/kelvin to a higher level to get more reds without strobe. Cheers, Diggy
  14. Carry my housing/two strobes/laptop in a backpack and large dome, ca,era, lenses, view finder, small dome etc. in a lower pro bag with wheels which fits as cabin bag. Diggy
  15. You can dive the East Coast i.e. Trincomalee in June. Let me know if you want more info. I normally use Island scuba and thier e mail is dive@islandscuba.net Although they are Colombo based. they should be able to give you more info etc. Diggy
  16. I was in Srilanka Last year End Feb/March and wanted to snorkel/free dive with blue whales. I found out that legally the authorities have banned this and one can only stay on boats to see the BW. Having said this i did find some operators that were willing to take me but insisted on my paying in advance and cost was close to USD 500 per day p.p. for 5-6 hours. BUT please keep in mind that this is not officially allowed. I finally opted out of this as found the price too steep for a chance encounter that may not happen. Funnily though i did see a superb image taken by one Mr. Eric Goh Diving of the blue whale with Mr. Alex Mustard in the background. Really great image. So maybe you could ask them ? Am taken some divers there again end Feb this year and am also trying to find a good gateway to do this, so please do keep me informed too. Cheers, Diggy
  17. Well considering you have both lenses, i would say the cost of buying an additional port or extension should not be too much, so go for both. My to go lens for macro normally would be the 105. But at times i do use the 60mm which also allows for some great fish photos. Diggy
  18. Have used Eneloops, eneloop pro and now amazon basics. The Amazon are the same as the eneloop so go for them, i have had no issues. Cheers, Diggy
  19. That's exactly what must have happened. I had a similar experience. Borrow a hair dryer from one of the female divers :-) Or carry a small one next time. That usually solves this problem. Diggy
  20. Yes i also agree that its most likely a problem with the fiber optic cable not throwing out enough light for the strobe to fire.
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