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  1. Yes, I do have a process thanks, albeit the same is herculean as I now realise. Have to go through all the videos and by process of great, good and bad eliminate and delete forever the ones that are similar or in the good or bad category. I do now have a 12 TB G raid HDD drive for backups. SSD's just 5 TB as of now. Probably need to get some more storage here? My files are heavy. I am currently shooting on a 1DXMk3 D crop canon log. I am not technically savvy yet with video formats codecs etc. Still a learning process. THANKs a lot for your input and anything further you thibnk i should know. Diggy
  2. Thanks, Tom Have been seriously looking at NAS. This probably may be a relatively economical solution and my best bet going forward. BUT finally notings cheap when it comes to HD video storage And my Tag line is from a lovely Poem by John Burroughs called Waiting. I really like 'What's for ye'll no go by ye' Short and sweet. Diggy
  3. Hmm Ok..need to look at this and understand. Thanks Tim
  4. Thanks Chris. I do have a 12 TB G raid drive currently. But know that this will fill up sooner than anticipated :-) Looking at HDD's Diggy
  5. Thanks a ton very helpful, I am definitely going to give this a shot. Diggy
  6. H, Has anyone used a Canon 60mm Macro lens 2.8 on a full frame Canon DSLR with canon 12mm II extension ring. If so were he results satisfactory ? Thanks, Diggy
  7. Hey guys, Have considered moving from stills to Videos and have shot some 4 K high res videos. The same are stored on a few 2 TB and 1 TB SSD's. Is there some solution on cloud for back up and/or storage ? Also what do you guys use to store the RAW or unedited videos ? Thanks in advance for any help here. Diggy
  8. Super Video as always. V V Nice. I notice that the colours are v v good even without lights. BUT at 3.25 should the big eyes not be bright red ? Or they were this colour ? Thanks for sharing Diggy
  9. very nice. I can see clearly now
  10. Beautiful as always :-) V Nice. Love the last clip of the turtle being cleaned ..also the overall video
  11. ha ha ha ha ha good one Tim :-)
  12. Hi Tom, I see that you are selling a 20 mm and want to buy a 30 mm extension. I had the same issue. There is another option https://shop.divingexpress.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3211 https://www.aditech-uw.com/en/shop/4805-nauticam-extension-ring-10-21110.html Just fix to your 20 mm and its good to go. Diggy
  13. Wow love these. The first one looks as if there is an explosion of colours around the arrow crab. Diggy
  14. If you final destination has a stopover one can check before boarding (at the boarding gate where they check your passport and boarding pass) if your bag is indeed in the hold by showing them the TAG. They can immediately check and revert with a confirmation. After having one experience like this, i always now check and ensure that the bag is in the hold of the aircraft. Diggy
  15. Thanks Alex, Some very valid and pertinent points made. Sadly now I will may be looking to buy a 45 degree viewfinder. But before that will borrow one for a trip and see where I am at. Last I tried using one was a COMPLETE disaster. Diggy
  16. beautiful image Tim. Really lovely. Diggy
  17. You won't believe how embarrassing it was for me when I had arranged an underwater lesson on a dive for a relative newbie. He had a Sony system if I recollect correctly with a 45 degree viewfinder. Guess what ? I could just not find the proper frame or subject looking through it and had to abandon the lesson So much for experience and teaching ! Will definitely give it a try again. Thanks Tim. Diggy
  18. One can also stay at Amed , which is about 30 minutes from tulamben by drive. Last I had stayed at Kembali beach bungalows. Very reasonable and right across the beach. http://kembalibeachbungalows.nl At Tulamben have stayed at several, but the last one that I liked was liberty dive resort. http://www.libertydiveresort.com An hour 15 minutes away from Amed/Tulamben is Candidasa or even Padang Bai. Have not been there though since 2018. Diggy
  19. for some inane reason I have been a real duh in using the 45 degree viewfinder so have stuck to the straight. Somehow originally being a terrestrial photographer, it seems more comforting. Maybe the 45 takes some time to get used to ? Diggy
  20. Yup, extremely difficult to feed these. I have had several opportunities but never did manage to get that perfect shot like Nicholas More :-( Hopefully will ....some day :-) Even with a great opportunity, this is the best I could do. Thanks Alex for the link. Diggy
  21. The housing fits in the lower compartment and the dome like you said on top. Other gear I carry in a cabin carry on. Open bag pic and what it looks like closed. Diggy
  22. While on this subject I thought I should mentions about this lowepro back pack. This one takes my very large canon 1dxMK3 housing with ball mounts attached in the lower compartment. It takes the 230 mm glass dome port in the top one. ( I keep this nicely padded). It also take my laptop as well as passport and docs in the front bottom compartment. Its very unobtrusive and passes off as a laptop backpack. This gives me room to carry the rest of my stuff in a lowepro roller bag as cabin baggage. I do know some people that also carry the camera in the housing but I refrain from that. Just thought I should share this as am not sure if many people know that this backpack takes such a large housing, dome and laptop https://www.lowepro.com/global/fastpack-bp-250-aw-ii-lp36869-pww/ Diggy
  23. Its funny how for a long time we all used Inon Z240's or similar and many photographers got spectacular results. They do so even now. There are a plethora of new strobes, but honestly I still do believe that the Z240's do the job quite well. Yes there are those real behemoths like the one underwater or seacam's which can't be beaten for wide angle shooting. But otherwise if budget may be a concern, used Z240's or similar may be a real option. And like Adam pointed out, if macro may be your primary goal, then there are some great budget strobes just for that. Diggy
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