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  1. Makes sense, Apologies Adam :-) Diggy
  2. This is a great set up Tony to begin with and gives you far more flexibility in the kind of shots you can get. And the sola would help with macro videos as this camera is a very capable macro shooter. The wide angle would also work in some situations, but two strobes with longer arms would help. Even one strobe works but positioning is important. And maybe you may just need a longer arm I feel. To get various kinds on shots with the strobe, such as a dark background, or with lots of contrast or to highlight a subjects hair (like a hairy frogfish) one has to get used to placing the strobes correctly. I would recommend looking for some tutorials online as also reading some books on underwater photography. Ex: Martin Edge's The Underwater Photographer. Good luck with your new system and do share images once you can jump in and get some. If there are any specific questions do post them here. Diggy
  3. Hi Tony, Thats a very capable camera in the right hands. And with external strobes, arms and added lenses can make some wonderful images. I had and still have and use the TG 4 occasionally. All the best and if your share what kind of accessories, this community will surely give you great input. Diggy
  4. OOPS my bad, But yes the oil is compatible as I have been using it for over 5 years now. thanks for the info and correction
  5. I have been using a nauticam housing for the 7D for a few years now. Each time after a dive trip it is soaked for close to 48 hours. Post that, heres where it gets interesting, I use a 100% silicone shock oil (something like this http://www.muchmoreracing.net/product_view.php?pidx=959 ) to grease all the buttons from the outside as also from INSIDE. Last year I had a bad leak and lost my camera and 100 mm lens, BUT GUESS WHAT, the salt water due to extensive and regular lubrication, did no damage inside at all. The grease kept the water out. Having learnt my lesson, post that I use a leak sentinel now. Just thought I should share this, as it really helps to keep your housing safe from the inside in case of a leak. Disclaimer: If the o rings (and they are usually not) are not the black ones for the buttons, please refrain from using. Diggy
  6. Yes exactly. I posted that one cause it was closest to what my eyes discerned in the video. The other two stargazers certainly.
  7. Is it the same fish in the image that is in the video ? Here are a couple of images, two stargazer and one stonefish. I am inclined to think the two images are of a stargazer.
  8. OK this image clarifies the placement. Its a larger image of what is shown in the book.
  9. yup same for me. probably means 122. here the position is depicted by an image, but maybe not so clear. could it possibly mean something like this ?Or is the angle even steeper towards your head ? Alex needs to jump in
  10. Lovely images and the lighting is great. Thanks for sharing. Diggy
  11. Happy holiday and hopefully more diving in 2021 with better images for all wetpixel members. Great resource, information and help here for which thanks to all. Have a great 2021
  12. I don't know if this is what you are looking for and if its the perfect Snells's shot. But this was taken with a token 10-17 at 10mm with a Canon 7D cropped APSC sensor.
  13. Totally loved watching this. Its one of my favourite destinations and took a group there diving. BUT want to go alone for a few weeks. Thanks for sharing this and some amazing work being done there. Diggy
  14. And this one may work too. Also its cheaper. Thanks to Pomacentridae I may buy one of these. https://aocoolers.com/48-pack-mossy-oak-elements-manta-cooler.html
  15. Hi Tim, I have been using this bag : https://www.polarbearcoolers.com/product/original-48-pack-soft-cooler/ since 2012. Yes the zippers tend to get verdigris but every time I am back from a trip I just spray some silicone based spray such as https://www.amazon.com/3M-Silicone-Lubricant-Net-Fill/dp/B0002BBX4Y/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=AerolĀ®+Silicone+Lubricant+Spray%2C+(300g%2F513+ml)&qid=1600410007&sr=8-1 and the bag is still going strong ! Its very large and takes in a Nauticam Housing for a 7D with arms and strobes all well tucked in. Also works well as a rinse tank and protection for your housing/camera. One of the image shows the verdigris on the zipper. But all works well. Cheers, Diggy
  16. Would you say that this power is also good enough for wide angle videos Bill ? Thanks
  17. Yes I agree totally. Some lovely images ! Thanks
  18. Here are some from Moi The image of snells window reminded me of the nursery rhyme 'hey diddle diddle......... just some fun. Cheers, Diggy
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