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  1. Checked out the gallery ryan, Awesome pics. Love the Manta, especially the composition. The turtle pics are great too and i like the one "Dani with the Jellyfish" Its all theory and i have not yet put this in practice underwater BUT was given a little input by Jeff ....my teacher which may be of some help. Shutter Speed controls the darkness of the background in wide angle shots...so higher the shutter speed darker/deeper will be the colour of the water. Aperture (F Stop) controls overall exposure and depth of field. Try not to use anything belw 3.5 or 4. Ideal would be f8 but apparently the DS51 is not powerful enough :) Strobe Power controls the exposure of the foreground (where the strobe/s are lighting). So either you control this manualy or go for TTL Cheers Diggy
  2. All the pics are great ryan, and veering towards my affinity for nudi's, love that one, even the composition is great. I like the 1st and last shot the most of the four posted, NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOU THAT THE OTHER TWO ARE REALLY NICE Three questions ryan sorry make that four Answer when you find some time 1) What was the ISO set on for the pics ? 2) What shutter speed? 3) What aperture? 4) Strobe power ? Cheers and thanks for those pics ..Adorama have just delivered the Ikelite w/a and the shallow port yesterday. Diggy
  3. I have been using the G7 and am really happy with the results. On the consumer digicam forum you can look up a post "first time user G7" and see the results. Like you, had a lot of experience on land but it was my first time underwater. Considering that you are "a serious amateur photographer" I would think the G9 would be the best choice between the two. As far as housings go depending on the size of your pockets Ikelite would be the better choice as mentioned in this post earlier. I have just purchased a wide angle ikelite lens with a shallow port. Should be jumping in the pool this weekend with it. Will let you know the results. Cheers Diggy
  4. Thanks Alex, my very point ! Only thing is i did not know about the other manufacturers. The one with the sound/light warnings combined, pointed out above in this post sounds really nice. Thanks for the input and link. Diggy
  5. Ok now i know there are many schools of thought on this one and Ikelite advertises that as you can see within, if there's a leak you will always see the water seeping in !!!!! Well well well..most of the leaks happen in the first few minutes on submerging. Your eyes are not focussed inside your housing all the time. And then as many of you and a friend of mine experienced, it is normally a little too late to stop the water seeping in as you watch in panic and then sadness So while in Bali i came across this really nice leak detector that my friend and mentor Jeff makes. It has this really nice powerful light that flases on the first sign of even the slighest moisture in the housing. So the light forces your attention to the housing and hopefully you have your camera saved!! You can check it out at www.uwleakdetector.com For the amount we spend on the camera/housing USD 60/- i personally think this is well worth it. I do use panty liners underwhich i put the sensor of the leak detector . Have some pics which you can check out. The detector fits comfortably inside the housing without any functional problems for your camera. Cheers, Diggy
  6. Hi Blimbo, Good to hear from you again. Awesome pics. Some of them have a bit of noise but overall super results for the first time. I am sure its only going to get better here on. I guess a strobe would have really helped. How about looking at the Ds 125 or the DS51 which is the one that i use. Both have TTL compatibility with the Ikelite housing. While DS 125 is more powerful and i would assume the better choice, it is much more expensive than the DS51. Guess what ? I have just ordered the Ikelite w/a lens with the shallow port. Just could not wait. Will definately try some shots in the swimming pool before i leave and will try and post some here for all those wanting to buy BUT waiting for visual results I am off to the maldives early november and will give my set up a try and revert to you again. Thanks again for your pics and report..its been a great help Diggy
  7. Go for it, I am really happy with the accuracy of autofocus on Macro mode. Overall the camera has given some amazing results. And with the G9 you also have raw and the screen is 3" . So it would definately be my choice amongst the current contenders. Diggy Sorry forgot to say thanks for your info on the wide angle lens. I am probably going to get one as am planning Maldives in November and its a place where one needs maximum flexibility as far as choice of lens is concerned. Thanks , Diggy
  8. As far as i know its an anemone shrimp. As for the growth critter ID pls help Diggy
  9. Well have purchased an INON close up lens but have not used it as yet. As for wide angle.....No way am i spending that kind of money unless i see some results with me own eyes So guys anybody who has had good results with a wide angle lens on this set up please do let me know. Am using an Ikelite DS 51 strobe pilgrim and am happy with it. Diggy
  10. Thanks Guys for the compliments " First Time Lucky" I guess Well yes i had a lot of experience with Nature photography, so knew the basics like Av, Tv, exposure, light etc. etc. Since my daughter was born in 1996 i had packed everything away. Started diving since last October, and the "dormant bug" got active again But understanding Digital cameras was a challenge. I still fumble with a few modes. Most of the Pics are on Manual including flash. I have set C1 on Macro and C2 for slightly larger subjects a little distance away. Depending on the colour of the subject i play with the flash intensity. I did use TTL for a few of the Andamans pics, but avoid this as i find reds and yellows seem to be more highlighted. I do use optical zoom at half for macro shots but have not used telephoto at all. I would now like to experiment with wide angle shots BUT i do believe this rig has its limitations. It would be really nice if anyone out there has wide angle pics taken with this setup. Any advice on this is welcome. My last two dives at the Andamans got messed up as the Ikelite fogged up on the lens glass window. Well the reason this happened, i assume, is cause the boat had a bucket of Fresh water kept in the open sun on the boat for the cameras. Hence the temperature got a few degrees higher than the sea temperature. I saw a thread on this topic and am going to throw in a a few silica gel packs inside next time. Finally i do believe Jeff was an excelent teacher who stressed on going manual from Day I. Interestlingly he also makes a leak detector which i have fixed in my housing. Its really effective and not too expensive. About 60USD. I will post this as a new topic soon with a link giving the details. Diggy
  11. Hi guys, As mentioned in my introduction earlier. Was completely new to U/W photography, especally Digital cause only used film SLR's earlier. So this August went off to Tulamben, Bali and took an Underwater Photo Course with Mr. Jeff Mullins. Great guy and a super teacher. Post that, went on to take some pictures and hope you guys like them. All comments and critique - welcome cause its a never ending learnig process. Just returned last week from the Andamans, where we had organised a dive trip for 14 . Got a few pics there too. Sadly Canon announced the G9 a little after i acquired the G7 Copying the link to the pics : http://www.flickr.com/photos/14232146@N08/ Cheers, Diggy
  12. Hi Paul, I had a similar problem, but with my G7. After trying out just about everything possible I decided to go to a friend who is a great underwater photographer and dive master but even he could not figure anything out. As he has ikelite housing i even tried his sync cable, BUT nothing happened. He said that the problem has to be with the camera and not the housing or the sync cable. After scratching my head bald i finally figured out that the ikelite housing sync cable that goes on to the camera hot shoe was fitted the wrong way(reverse) !! Sometimes the most obvious is impossible to see If that does not work take the camera with the housing to the place you got the camera from...and maybe the engineer there can figure this out cause i dont know the settings of NikonP5000. But normally if the housing sync cable is fitted on to the hotshoe and the external cable fitted to the strobe the flash should FIRE . Good luck and hope you solve this problem. Diggy
  13. Hi again Terry, This may make life easier for you : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...=18903&st=0 Good luck
  14. There is another thread in this(beginners) forum...where the camera is discussed. Do look at that...it is detailed with loads of tips. Islander offers some great suggesions so does aussie:) BTW are you carrying any external strobe ? Best of luck on your visit and keep us posted once you are back. Have got the G7 and ikelite with DS 51....just not used it yet Cheers and take care
  15. Thanks mate. My heart and mind was on Ikelte...so i guess i am going to opt for this. Maybe purchase the wide angle lens later. Your pictures are really amazing. Great job. Macro seems to work pretty well on this camera without aditional lenses. Anyway thanks again Wil keep you posted once i get the gear and take some pics. Cheers Diggy
  16. Hi guys am travelling to singapore tomorrow and wish to know which would be the best housing for the canon G 7 which i have just purchased. One just does not get any of this in India as yet except for the cameras!! Am very well versed with photography on land but it would be a first for me underwater. Given that the Canon housing with the Inon D 2000 strobe(with a special optic cable) allows eTTL mode so does IKelite. The only difference, and i guess this would be a major one, would be that Ikelite allows the use of the macro and wide angle lenses. Would the macro need a special strobe placement ? Primarily i assume wide angle pictures would not require a strobe, but they would require a correction filter underwater ????? The price difference is also huge if one opts for the Ikelite as then i would also get the wide angle and macro lens with the ports. Some help and advice here would REALLY help. BTW am very comfortable diving and have completed my advanced open water as also peak performance Buoyancy so now am taking that first obsessive step to underwater photography
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