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  1. Manual white balance, A magic red filter behind the lens and getting closer would solve these issues. Most have already suggested this above. Also set the the color temperature/kelvin to a higher level to get more reds without strobe. Cheers, Diggy
  2. Carry my housing/two strobes/laptop in a backpack and large dome, ca,era, lenses, view finder, small dome etc. in a lower pro bag with wheels which fits as cabin bag. Diggy
  3. You can dive the East Coast i.e. Trincomalee in June. Let me know if you want more info. I normally use Island scuba and thier e mail is dive@islandscuba.net Although they are Colombo based. they should be able to give you more info etc. Diggy
  4. I was in Srilanka Last year End Feb/March and wanted to snorkel/free dive with blue whales. I found out that legally the authorities have banned this and one can only stay on boats to see the BW. Having said this i did find some operators that were willing to take me but insisted on my paying in advance and cost was close to USD 500 per day p.p. for 5-6 hours. BUT please keep in mind that this is not officially allowed. I finally opted out of this as found the price too steep for a chance encounter that may not happen. Funnily though i did see a superb image taken by one Mr. Eric Goh Diving of the blue whale with Mr. Alex Mustard in the background. Really great image. So maybe you could ask them ? Am taken some divers there again end Feb this year and am also trying to find a good gateway to do this, so please do keep me informed too. Cheers, Diggy
  5. Well considering you have both lenses, i would say the cost of buying an additional port or extension should not be too much, so go for both. My to go lens for macro normally would be the 105. But at times i do use the 60mm which also allows for some great fish photos. Diggy
  6. Have used Eneloops, eneloop pro and now amazon basics. The Amazon are the same as the eneloop so go for them, i have had no issues. Cheers, Diggy
  7. That's exactly what must have happened. I had a similar experience. Borrow a hair dryer from one of the female divers :-) Or carry a small one next time. That usually solves this problem. Diggy
  8. Yes i also agree that its most likely a problem with the fiber optic cable not throwing out enough light for the strobe to fire.
  9. Beautiful video, Thanks for sharing. Diggy
  10. I think this line is misunderstanding in your first post.(in red) :-) I'm selling my Nauticam Multiplier and flip holder for the Nauticam SMC1 never wet Diggy
  11. Got the camera. Let me know if someone wants to sell a canon 100 mm Macro 2.8 USM lens. Thanks, Diggy
  12. Hi Guys, It finally happened !!! After 8 years of being careful flooded my housing. So in the market for a canon 7D and 100 mm USM macro lens at reasonable price. I need the camera as a spare. Please PM me. Thanks Diggy
  13. Enjoyed watchin this. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Diggy
  14. BUMP Although i know all this is higher in Value, I am willing to let it all go for $ 1,100/- Thanks for looking Diggy
  15. Have the following lenses and a camera to sell. Most come with the original box They are all in GREAT condition as all were stored in an electric dehumidifier cabinet. Please make reasonable offers. Payment by Paypal please All these were used with the E330 Micro 4/3rds Camera Image attached 1) Olympus 14 - 45 2) Olympus EC 14 Tele-convertor 3) Olympus 8 mm Fisheye lens 1:3.5 4) Olympus ED 50mm 1:2 Macro lens 5) Olympus 40-150mm 1:4-5.6 6) Sigma DC 18-50mm 1:2.8 EX Macro lens 7) Olympus E Volt E 330 Camera with two batteries - Works Perfectly with no issues whatsoever. 8) Sea and Sea 5 pin Dual Sync Cord No: 03470 Thanks for looking Diggy
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