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  1. Hi, I use one of these and they have proved sturdy enough. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-48-Pack-Polar-Bear-Cooler-Mossy-Oak-Break-Up-PB486-/142303835859?hash=item2121f836d3:g:9bgAAOSw4A5YvdQb Hope this helps Diggy
  2. These guys are pretty good and arrange all, from diving and stay (to suit your budget). Have been using their services for our group trips to Bali. http://www.aquamarinediving.com/aquamarine-diving-bali-company/ Hope this helps. Diggy
  3. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the video and it helped in getting to know what one can see in Sudan waters. Diggy
  4. Dont use STTL but its very simple actually. No's 2, 4, 5.6, 8 and 11 being aperture then 2 is the widest opening and allows more light into camera so strobe will be at minimum power. As you increase the aperture values from4-5.6-8-11 11 being smaller opening and allowing lesser light into camera the flash will throw out more light to compensate. Hope this helps
  5. A 100 mm is always a better choice as you get more space between the camera and subject. Also a shallower depth of field helps. Most subjects in Lembeh can be covered by this lens. A diopter is useful for getting some creative images and helps with the really teeny weeny ones. I normally carry one. That said the 100 mm is also good enough to cover most. Worse case a bit of cropping is always a possibility. Cheers, Diggy
  6. Hi There, I had a similar issue. What battery charger do you use ? It seems that if the batteries are not equally charged and placed in the strobe there are chances that this may happen. It happened with one of mine. I sent it to Inon and they repaired and sent it back. Of-course as is always the case they never did mention the cause, but by thinking back step by step and checking with another pro photographer i deduced this to be a reason. here is what they wrote : By their idea, When the camera battery is low , the triger signal from camera is not recognized on Z240 strobe, Z240 recongnize it as "noise" And it cause some circuit trouble. And here is the explanation i got from my buddy : I'd be thinking that there is fault with perhaps your battery charger for the Eneloops (do you use what is known as a Delta V charger - ie. senses voltage and battery temperature?) This is the one I use, as I did have some battery failures.... all caused by cheap timed chargers. These work by timing the charge to the battery, so if you have only used say 10% of the battery capacity and you put the battery in the charger, so it charges for the full cycle and then overcharges the battery/s. The Star-Delta type chargers sense the voltage and only top-up the battery if it isn't flat. Also its important that the charger senses and charges individual batteries, many charge pairs only, or sets of four. These don't sense each individual battery and then also over charge perhaps one battery over another. Overcharged batteries KILL strobes of any make. As they are then high in voltage, particularly just after they have been charged and put directly in the strobe. I do hope the above helps and that your strobe is still under warranty. This is the charger I use now at all times : https://www.jaycar.com.au/12vdc-240vac-smart-battery-charger-ni-cd-ni-mh/p/MB3551 Hope the above helps. Diggy
  7. Yes this makes sense. Although i may warn you that i did a similar thing, albeit not with my strobe but my housing. It was packed in a heavily padded bag(Like a beer cooler) and carefully wrapped around it was my 3 mm wetsuit, with clothes crammed around. And yet after a few trips, the housing window had an issue. So as far as arms are concerned, its not an issue, but strobes, i would like in a safer place. Just my two bits You can still pack them well enough without any problems. Cheers, Diggy
  8. Digital TTL shooting underwater does not always give you the most creative lighting. And in time, i would guess most photographers switch to manual mode. Here are two articles that may help, one written by one of the best underwater photographers today (in moi opinion :-) http://wetpixel.com/articles/the-trouble-with-ttl http://www.divephotoguide.com/underwater-photography-techniques/article/underwater-photography-ttl/ Hope this helps in clearing your mind. Cheers
  9. I put the housing, strobes and laptop in a carry on haversack. Large dome, small dome, camera, lenses, go pro etc in a roller camera bag. Arms, flat ports, batteries, dive gear in the check in bag. Have not ever had a problem yet except on a very full flight on Singapore airlines where the took my roller bag at the aircraft gate and gave it back to me on landing. Check in bag usually weighs around 22-24 kgs. Roller bag around 15 kgs and haversack around 12 kgs :-) Ohh and there have been times where i leave the roller bag out of sight of check in staff and then quietly roll it away post check in ! On smaller air crafts, recently in the Maldives they just take the roller bag at the aircraft gate before boarding. In S E Asia, i usually fly, garuda/Lion/Sriwijaya and have not yet had any issues except to pay excess weight for the check in bag, which would be for4-5 kgs. Hope this helps Diggy
  10. Mumbai, back in the early days we used to have Fiat cars with wipers that never really did the job in a heavy downpour. So we used to buy a filter less cigarette called charminar. You just have to take the tobacco and rub it on your windshield. No drops ! Just an even film of water that one could see through. I used this with good success. Even rubbing potatoes works. BUT hey in time i just reverted to plain old spit :-) (on my housing dome port - not the windshield Cheers, Diggy
  11. Hi Jason, If your strobes have variable power settings i would recommend using those along with manual adjustment of Shutter, Aperture, ISO instead of getting a TTL converter. Depending on the subject color and background TTL may not always give you great results. Also it may not work for getting dark backgrounds. Sometimes images look better with the light being a little under. Just my two bits FWIW :-) Diggy
  12. Yes a higher strobe placement makes sense. Also remember that the human eye is used to light from above/top. This may not work if you want to take a head on shot and want to concentrate on getting the teeth highlighted. Cheers
  13. Hi guys, Is it feasible to rent/lease a housing for a Nikon D800 or a Canon 5D ? Thanks for any input Diggy
  14. Do the fiber optic cables work well with Inon's even if strobe power is kept to the minimum on the camera ? Thanks, Diggy If they do in your experience and they are working perfectly well i will take those.
  15. I have had a similar issue where droplets of water would form inside the LCD window. Really not sure how and why that happened. Maybe the camera was not handled properly when passing on to the boat or maybe while traveling( i always carry it as cabin luggage in my haversack). There was no discernible crack but water was getting in, albeit at a very slow rate. i sent the housing (Nauticam for Canon7D) to the dealer and Nauticam Replaced the LCD plexiglass. Post that no issues. Diggy
  16. Thanks Alex, Am off to Raja and Ambon next week. Will watch these before the trip. Much appreciated. And will post comments post my return. Diggy
  17. Hi Teloepsis, Some of these wet lenses are manufactured that there will be no vacuum between the port and the lens so even if you screw on the lens on top water "will" enter between the two as there are holes provided. They are also made to specifically have a layer of water so a vacuum will not work. Inon has a wet lens with a dome in front that works with a vacuum between the two. So in such a case water will NOT enter. so depending on the lens is the use. As for your second query, strobes are your best option for stills. Lights are no substitute. Two such lights will work for stills BUT you will need very large apertures and slow shutter speeds and the results are nothing as compared to strobes. They will work well for video though. There are enough discussions on this on WP so check that out. Here is one thread on this : http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53010&hl=%2Bvideo+%2Blights+%2Bfor+%2Bstills Hope this helps Diggy
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