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  1. I am interested, where are you located ? I am actually in south east asia, are you planning to go to south east asia for a diving trip, or have friends of yours planning to ? I would like to save on shipping fees cause I am on a budget...
  2. Is it still available ? If yes, are you by any chance going to south east asia in the months to come ?
  3. Hello, I'm interested in buying a N120 extension ring 20 nauticam Thanks,Julien
  4. I purchased the whole kit of Retra accessories from @jmbelloteau . He has been really nice and open to discussion. Everything was brand new just as he said it would. He made a bill from his company and sent everything very quickly. Just perfect ! Thanks JM
  5. Salut, J'ai bien lu que tu ne voulais pas vendre séparément, mais vu que je suis intéressé par tout les accessoires, je me disais que peut être ça ne serait pas un problème pour toi si tu n'avais plus que les flashs à vendre séparément. Si jamais ça t'intéresse dis moi combien tu en veux Julien
  6. Thanks Chris for the explanation about salt concentration. Always have been taking extreme care about my equipment and working in a very hot area, when I was seeing my neoprene cover getting quickly dry, I was afraid it could damage the glass. From now on I will be less stressed thanks to you ! The only lens I have had water marks on was my CMC 2, thought I lost it so decided to scrub it very hard with a wet microfiber cloth. I took a while and multiple attempts but each time it was getting better. It is fine now. But it could be different kind of marks that you guys were talking about
  7. Same as many people here, have been lurking around since a while but finally sign up wanting to buy some gear... I rarely post anything in any forum as I just come to learn and find almost every time what I need. But this make sense, this is not a buy/sell forum so after this post (my second) I will try to find something useful to say somewhere else
  8. Hi everyone, French traveler, fell in love with diving, got my divemaster and worked as a guide for a bit. Didn't have the call for teaching and instead of going for instructor decided to go for UW photography. Bought myself a Canon 7xmk2, 2 s2000 and some wet lenses and here we go ! Didn't make a lot of money but it payed for my food and room, but being able to dive everyday, 4 times a day allowed me to learn very fast and a couple year later I started to feel limited by my equipment... Specially my s2000 that I burned, relentlessly firing them for my customers avid of pictures. I got myself a D500, and very luckily found a very good deal on a used kit. But I stopped there because I obviously lost my job when everything turn to sh.... these last years. Getting my job back this year so I am looking to replace my strobes with two retras, was looking for infos on it and ended up here ! Lots of good stuff to learn in here, especially for a new SLR shooter ! Glad to be a new member ! Cheers, Julien
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