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  1. Thank you very much webcubus! I'm typically on the f2.8 or f8 (when zoomed out all the way, so it ranges when i'm zoomed in to the max of f18) To be honest, I miss a fair amount of photos from the focus being ever so slightly off, so luck and shooting many shots are big factors. These are just a selection of some my favourite/best shots!
  2. @Litos Awesome pictures!! IMHO If you're looking for better image quality, ie. sharper details, less noise, more vibrant colours, etc; I would recommend sticking with your TG4 and getting a small strobe as others have suggested. If you're interested in macro especially, it's hard to beat the TG! If you're curious, I shoot with a TG6, and MF-1 strobe which uses 18650 batteries; you can see some of my images here. And if you really wanted to keep the system compact, you could mount the strobe on top of your Oly housing on the cold shoe.
  3. Amazing footage! Some realy great clips in there. I recently moved to BC, have only been diving on the mainland but absolutely can't wait to dive on the island!
  4. Thank you very much everyone! Appreciate the kind words! @dhaas, Haha I am definitely not unhappy with the quality of images from the TG6. But I do crave more pixels! I also miss a fair amount of shots from being out of focus, so I feel like I'd like a stronger auto-focus system one day, and maybe make use of an EVF to ensure the right spots are really tack sharp
  5. Hi everyone, I'd love to share some photos taken during my first year of underwater photography, with my TG6 and Backscatter MF-1 strobe. These photos were all taken at various shore divesites in Victoria, Australia, from September - November 2022. It's primarily macro since my current setup isn't conducive for wide angle. I've sinced moved to Vancouver, Canada, and will hopefully be doing plenty of diving here soon as well! However, I'm also looking forward to diving again in Australia in the near future! Eventually I would like to experiment more with wide angle, and also potentially upgrade to a MFT system which will help me get the increased image quality & manual control I am craving, while keeping a more compact size. Any critique and feedback is welcome, I'm here to learn!
  6. Interesting, I've been considering the opposite, and hoping to upgrade to micro 4/3rds from my TG6! I love the little rig I have and feel like I've gotten amazing pictures with it, but looking for a setup with better auto focus capabilites and ability to get a narrower depth of field.
  7. Hello! I'm a Canadian currently based in Australia (for now)! Have been doing a good amount of diving in Melbourne, Victoria; and soon I plan to dive in the colder waters of Vancouver, British Columbia. Got into underwater photography just this July and I'm in love with the hobby now. Currently using a TG6 and a single strobe; looking forward to learning and growing more on this forum and share some photos eventually as well!
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