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  1. Thanks so much everyone, great information! Will look into better quality arms/clamps and a leak sentinel
  2. Thanks Chris - I might look at starting out with 2 Z240s or 1 Z330 then.
  3. Thanks folks, glad I haven't bought it yet! Will have to consider going the metabones route or perhaps adding a close up wet lens to the standard kit lens... I do have a 100mm canon macro lens but not sure I’m willing to take it underwater.
  4. I’m interested in 1x Z330 if you’d be willing to ship to Australia?
  5. Hi, When I search for Inon strobes online there seems to be 4 different types/versions of their strobes and I see some listed as type 1, 2, or 4. Could someone please explain to me the differences between each of the 4 types? I can’t seem to find this out online (perhaps I’m just not looking hard enough!). More specifically I’m interested in Inon D200 and Z240 strobes and I’m after one that I can use in both manual mode and TTL/STTL mode. Thank you, Atom65
  6. Hi, I’m interested! If we could work out shipping costs would you be willing to post to Australia? Thanks, Atom65
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience shooting with a Sony A6 series (e.g., A6000) with a Sony 30mm macro lens underwater. I’m thinking about buying the 30mm lens to use in a seafrogs housing for close up/macro photography. Can’t justify the 90mm macro at the moment and would rather use a more versatile lens that I could shoot a bit wider with. Have you been happy with this setup and the shots you’re getting? How easy or hard is it to use? Thanks, Atom65
  8. Hi, I was hoping to find out what kind of optical cable I will need to connect an Inon strobe (e.g., d200) to my seafrogs housing. Do I also need to purchase some kind of adaptor to make it work? My camera is an Sony a6000 if that is relevant Thanks, Atom65
  9. Hi all, I’m new to this forum and I’ve just ordered a seafrogs underwater housing for my Sony A6000 camera. I also ordered a tray and handles and 2 clamps for arms/strobes. I was hoping for some advice about some good arm and strobe choices. I was planning on starting with one strobe (maybe an Inon d200?) and then adding another when budget allows. Would this be sufficient for macro for the time being? I was also wondering about what length of strobe arms I would need and how many clamps, etc. Do you think a 5 and 8/9 inch arm would be a good setup for each strobe? Interested in any suggestions you have. Kind regards, Atom65
  10. Hi from Australia, I’m a keen snorkeller and looking to get my PADI open water diving certificate soon. I’ve been a photographer on land for many years (mostly birds, macro and wildlife) and I’ve got the underwater photography bug after hiring an underwater camera setup on holiday. I want to keep my setup as compact as possible for travel purposes so I’ve just ordered a seafrogs housing for my little Sony a6000 and I’m looking to buy a strobe or two to add to my setup soon. Thank you for the add - I’m looking forward to learning all about underwater photography from other members of this forum.
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