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  1. Ok. I won’t switch. I have the bayonet mount 2. I’ll ask Thomas once I get the last part. Thanks for pioneering this
  2. Great to hear. I guess I’ll be ‘the second’ with the lens lol. I’m waiting for the port from backscatter then will be in México from tomorrow. Superb photos well done
  3. Amazing! Yes Thomas at backscatter is my go to guy as well. Superb pics and great looking rig.
  4. Hi I just posted up the 70mm extension ring for sale - I have the zoom ring but couldn't find it.
  5. I think the a7c would be my best bet for free diving - but my gf has the a7iii so saved me buying a new camera. I'll see how I got with it, I can use the same housing for the a7riii if I want to get that extra size. I'll keep an eye out for the a7c pics
  6. Hi, I have an Isotta housing for a7iii. I only free dive and the dome is harder to handle than expected. used once during a week in Niue. no marks. bought from backscatter Feb 2022 documentation can be provided. Dome paid 550. Also the extension ring 70mm B120 (as781) is 0224. This fits with the 16-35 f4 lens. paid 199.50. Neither in box. The dome is in the neoprene wrap that came with it. Port 400 plus $20 shipping in US $30 elsewhere (unless its Uzbekistan or somewhere with unusual shipping rates) Extension $140 plus shipping as above. Thanks!
  7. Hi. I bought this December 2021 from BH Photo along with the lightweight arm: Ended up much larger than expected and way too big for a free diver only photographer (previous strobe YS 01). Sadly I had taken it out of the box to reduce space to travel and BH wouldn't take it back. It has never been in the water. It was assembled and tested on a housing on land so I know it fires. Has the battery as attached in the pic and the charger cable and the manual with serial. BH receipt will be provided for any warranty purposes. Ikelite DS160 Substrobe with NiMH Battery, Smart Charger with US Plug, and 1" Ball Mount IKDS160US In Stock QTY: 1 Price: $799.00 Ikelite Wide-Angle 1" Ball Arm for QR Handle (Two 7" Arm Segments) IK4080.06 In Stock QTY: 1 Price: $275.00 Purchase date 3 Dec 2021 - has been sitting in a box in my room - too much on (new baby etc) to even get around to selling. The arm has a tiny chip making a silver colour on it just from banging on itself - also never touched the water. $620 for the strobe and 150 for the ball arm or 720 for both - shipping $20 for US $30 rest of world. Thanks!
  8. This was a fabulous camera to start with - also for portability. You just can't beat full frame though so starting shooting with a7iii next week. Here are some of my memories - my lady with my baby (Great Barrier) Coral in Grenada, Fish in Tufi PNG, fish and whale shark in St Helena (cannot recommend st Helena enough - it is spectacular - happy to answer any questions about it. Thanks!
  9. Can help with a 6inch acrylic if you change your mind. used once mint condition - just too much volume for free dive photography so selling it.
  10. superb lighting what are you using in these? especially the last coral photo? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am looking to do same thing but opted for the 28 prime instead. the isotta zoom ring for 28-60 is part is-3540 retails around $85
  12. Hi, I'm Tudor, I'm from New Zealand. I only free dive. My first kit was a Sony rx100iii. I used it all over pacific/Indian Ocean/Atlantic. I've now got a A7iii with Isotta housing. It is a big step up in quality/complexity - so interested in reading people's experiences/settings in various situations. Thanks!
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