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  1. troporobo - That is a great point. I think I will give Little Cayman one more shot before heading to the Pacific. Jim
  2. Tim - WOW! Great photos. I have been to Bonaire but hadn't thought of St Maartin. Will add that to my list for sure. Jim
  3. Thanks Kraken - funny you should mention shooting macro above water. I'm starting to enjoy that almost as much as UW macro! Jim
  4. TimG, Thanks! Great idea on lego. I must have fifty boxes of it in the attic. Might be able to construct a whole reef . . . Im
  5. phxazcraig, Wow! Thanks so much. I hadn't thought of using a WB card or putting reflective objects next to absorptive ones. I'm pretty good at buoyancy control but learning to handle the current was a chore, so I'll try your muck stick suggestion. Cheers, Jim
  6. Two Sola 2500 video lights in superb condition. Only used for one Little Cayman trip. I decided to concentrate on still Vs video for my TG-6, so am selling them. One inch ball mount included. $400 US plus shipping for both or best offer. Cheers, Jim IMG_0622.HEIC IMG_0623.HEIC IMG_0624.HEIC IMG_0625.HEIC IMG_0626.HEIC
  7. Hi, Does anyone have tips for practicing macro photography in a pool? I'm a beginning macro photographer with a TG-6, YS-D3 strobes and a Backscatter Mini Flash. I tried practicing in my backyard saltwater pool on a kidnapped hermit crab (I live near the beach) but had my butt kicked at Little Cayman putting my training to use. Trying to focus/light the subject without touching the reef and in a variety of positions on the reef was a real challenge. Is there any way to duplicate these challenges in a pool? Cheers, Jim
  8. Hi, I'm just starting out with my trusty TG-6 to learn macro photography. Does anyone have recommendations for places for a beginner macrographer? (Macro-ist? Macrophile?). Everyone I've spoken with rates Lembeh as tops with Anilao second. Are there any recommends in the Caribbean? Thanks in advance! Jim
  9. Hi, I went to Backscatter's Lightroom Total Immersion in Little Cayman last month and I HIGHLY recommend it. Erin was awesome and really increased my Lightroom knowledge. I was a bit jaded coming in because I've been using Lightroom for years with my topside photography. It turns out, I was doing nearly everything wrong despite watching hours of You Tubes (not Erin's, unfortunately). I strongly recommend this course for my fellow Lightroom Know-It-Alls, because we don't . . . Cheers, Jim
  10. Hi - I'm Jim from Ocean Springs, MS. I'm a longtime diver and short time underwater photographer. I shoot with the TG-6 and am trying to learn macro. I just got back from Backscatter's Lightroom Total Immersion and I HIGHLY recommend it!
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