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  1. £250 new. Been happily used for about 50 dives and taken some great photos, but sadly I don't see myself diving again for the foreseeable. In good condition - has never leaked. Been stored dry with silica moisture absorbant sachet. In original case with replacement O-rings, flash diffuser, wrist strap, user manual. I'd be happy with £50 o.n.o. Happy to post or you can collect from Camberwell, South London. This case is specially designed for Canon G7X MKII. Allows the Canon G7X MKII to shoot underwater up to 40 meters (130 feet). - Double fiber optic ports - Moisture detection sensor - Excellent mounting system - M67 thread for lenses and filters
  2. Amazing - love it! The timelapse at the end is great!
  3. On our dives around St Helena in the south atlantic we'd often be joined by a curious devil ray or two. They'd circle us for ages - sometimes following us for the entire dive. The bubbles seemed to tickle them and they'd dart off, only to return again and take a very close look at what we were doing!
  4. Hi. My wife and I spent a little over 2 years living on the island of St Helena in the south atlantic. Neither of us had dived before arriving on the island, but we did our PADI and wow did it blow our minds! The diving around the island was spectacular! Without much to compare to (we hadn't dived before) of course we thought it was amazing - but so many others came by who had dived before who also said it was amazing! Pristine waters, great temperatures, delicate fan coral in many of the caves, unusual species, passing whale sharks, dolphins, humpback whales and many devil rays. We've been back in the UK for 18 months now but still marvel at what an experience it was! Has anyone else been diving on St Helena?
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