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  1. Thanks for the idea but the write on there homepage that they haven't build one yet and can't say when they will. I am in there email newsletter for updates on this model.
  2. Hey guys, I am really happy that I found this awesome and supporting forum. I own a Sony ZV E10 because I use it to film commercially and photograph above water. Now I would really like to use it under water as well while freediving. Sadly after many hours of searching the web I was noch able to find a case for this camera. Do you have any case recommendations for me? Or maybe now a camera that has the exact same button layout? I really appreciate you're held and I'm looking forward to you're answers! Greetings Marius The link down below shows you the camera. https://www.sony.de/electronics/wechselobjektivkameras/zv-e10
  3. Hey guys, I am a Freediver located in Germany. I have done fotographie and filming in the past but over the waterline. Now I want to take my camera down with me!
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