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I started diving in 1987 and a few years later started tinkering with underwater photography since I enjoyed landscape and wildlife photography.  Cut my teeth on a Nikonis V film camera, then moved to a L&M Tetra 5000 housing with Nikon 5000 digital camera.  Every year I went on at least one liveaboard dive trip around  the world until 2007.  Marriage and life events took me away from the sport.  Last diving was on the Peter Hughes Komodo dancer liveaboard in 2007.  Considering getting back into the sport and using a L&M Titan DSLR housing for Nikon D200 body purchased in 2009, but never used.  Surprised to recently find out this housing has been discontinued, but it gas been 13 years since purchased.  Look forward to sharing and learning from other nembers.

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