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  1. Thanks for your reply, I recently found a second hand wwl-1 after my original message so was happy to find it fitted as well! Now just looking forward to diving this weekend to test it out!
  2. Hi Newdiver, did you get to test the WWL-1 on the Seafrogs 28-60mm port? If you did how did it work? Was it ok? Also would be interested to know if anyone has used a CMC-2 wet lens on the Seafrogs 28-60mm port? And if it work properly?
  3. Hello my name's Harry, I'm a based in Hong Kong and loving the fact we're able to travel again. Done a lot of diving in HK which can be great but it's always been low visibility. So very happy to be able to get back to the waters of the Philippines! I got my padi about 7 years ago and been photographing much longer but love taking photos under water. Looking forward to being part of the Wetpixel community & heading to Siquijor soon so will post some pictures from there soon!
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