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  1. Interesting thread... especially as i've also just (literally delivered to my office an hour ago!) received my superwide port and surprised to see that it was a bayonet type fitting... been using the Canon 10-22mm up until now but not too happy with edge sharpness.. so have recently bought the Tokina 10-17 and associated superwide port etc.. On the jumping in issue.. i've never needed to as yet, either handed it down OR lowered it in with a long lanyard and jumped after it.. Look forward to hearing more regarding how you get on with this set up Elaine.. Best regards, Mike
  2. I'd certainly be interested to know how you get on Thursday.. just had a peek at the ulcs site, which air filled 8" are you going for? They have the old and new (really fat i.e. super bouyant) ones listed.. Regards, Mike
  3. I've just obtained my second Strobe (DS-125) and picked up the dual cable, having rigged it all up i was wondering exactly the same thing regarding the cylinder lead splitter.. so i'd be interested in seeing more examples of how this is secured too. Richard.. as i've practically the same set up (Ike housing, 400D, 8" dome + 10-22mm, Dual DS-125's) i was wondering about how negatively buoyant this set up is... as i've only dive the one strobe to date (and that's slightly negative)... Regards, Mike
  4. Hi, Ok.. i've just added a strobe to my current setup (400D + Ike + 10-22 + 8"Dome).. Prior to this i've been exclusively shooting ambient light W/A, but now adding the stobe to get some foreground colour and diver shots etc.. Now the DS-125 comes supplied with a removeable diffuser, i'm thiniking this will give a less 'harsh' flash and smoother coverage.. is that right, do others here use the diffuser or never bother with it.. or is it more dependant on conditions/subject. Any info appreciated... many thanks Mike
  5. Thanks guys.. Interestingly enough i've just had a reply on another forum from someone who clips a single ankle weight around the back of the port...
  6. Hi, Recently joined this forum (which looks excellent btw).. and have been lurking up till now and just reading all the posts.. however i've got a question: I'm looking at the Canon 400D + Ikelite + 10-22mm + 8" Dome port... Now reading the 'blurb' on the standard set up it suggests the 400D in the Ike housing is neutrally bouyant... by adding the 8" dome port (which has a large airspace) I assume this will make the unit positively bouyant?.. Any one any experience of this set up, and if you do need to weight the rig how do you/have you achieved this.. Any info much appreciated.. Thanks Mike
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