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  1. Bump, if you have any interest in the package or a subset do let me know I'd love to go to someone who could use it
  2. Uploading HEIC when I meant to upload JPG If you need more photos, videos, want me to perform any tests let me know
  3. These were last used two years ago and the camera only has 13,019 actuations. The camera was used topside as well, there are few non UW lenses listed at the bottom if there is interest. I am a photographer but not UW, this was a family member's, so 1) I have not used these personally UW, other than the camera to verify it works, myself 2) I can show the wear and answer any questions, post additional photos/video etc but I'm limited by a distinct lack of understanding of UW gear, TimG has helped field some questions. The things I know are missing, are the sort of aluminum "arms" that held the strobes to the camera. The mounts are there, if you want to use them or toss them. The strobe cables are also missing, as is the Subal's gaskets- they were in a ziplock but it seems I've lost it. I have listed previous sales for these items, only because I don't know how to value them very well. I would prefer to sell at least the UW gear together. If you're interested in the EVERYTHING here, $5k obo, all packed in a single pelican 1650. If you want just the UW but not camera/any lenses, its 2,680 value or $2400 package? Prices exclude shipping, I will ship however you prefer. Underwater gear w/camera/uw lenses: 4,460 individual or 4,000 package deal shipped, but do make offer? Pelican 1650 + divider insert MSRP 350 + 160 Free w/package Subal ND7100, Serial 13CD7100054, type 3 Prev sale (type 3, red, without mounts): 875 Inon Z240 Type 4 UW strobe, SN __D405519 DD405495 Prev sale (type 4): 350 each Subal FP 75-3 75mm port Prev sale (type 4): 150 Subsee +10 diopter + free swing adapter by Saga Prev sale: 180 Macromate port, non-swing Prev sale: 75 Subal 105VR 105mm port Prev sale 300 Subal EXR-13/3 extension ring Prev sale CURRENTLY ATTACHED TO: Zen Underwater DP-100 Fisheye Dome Port Prev sale 400 Nikon D7200 Shutter 13,019 actuations Prev sale 450 Nikon AF 105mm VR Prev sale: 350 Tokina 10-17 fisheye Prev sale: 400 Nikon AF 20mm f2.8D Prev sale: 280 Nikon AF 60mm 2.8d Prev sale: 300 Extra lenses/flash: $1665 separate, $1500 group Nikon tc-17e ii Prev sale: 170 Nikon 70-200 vrii Prev sale: 900 Nikon AF 55-200 DX VR Prev sale: 75 Nikon AF 24-120 VR G Prev sale: 450 Nikon Sb800 flash Prev sale: 70
  4. Yeah, I think I'll try whole kit first, then this. Thanks ...one more question, I know how to list used condition of camera.. how to list used condition of strobe and other gear?? I can take video but like, I don't know dive hours these have. I don't mind pricing accordingly but I don't want to misrepresent
  5. I'm more a topside photographer who recently inherited dive photo equipment, and due to life and time I can't really catch up with being able to use this gear (not a diver and haven't shot underwater). I think to preserve its sentimentality for the family member who I lost recently, I'll sell it and get a camera or something of sentimentality, I can pass down through family to remember her. Dive gear is heavily specialized, moreso than my out-of-water analog film or digital equipment, so I'm not sure what the best way to approach is. There is a whole setup (subal housing for nikon d7200, lens kit, all the ports/accessories for subal, and 4-5 strobes, some other stuff) and my going assumption is it may make more sense to break it up and sell to whomever needs what, rather than try to offer it as one package. However, the subal housing is custom built FOR the d7200/7100, so maybe a person would buy both.. and want the lenses, and ports, etc. Should I list it altogether or just piecemeal it out?
  6. Asking photographer friends for "bag remnants," or extra bags/pads/inserts/etc they dont use is usually how I build out spare travel cases. Barring that, used ebay/craigslist hard cases and inserts. Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't find soft "camera cube" cases to be that reassuring, either the main bag is a hard case or I get a hard case inside it.
  7. I have traveled a lot with pelicans, with or without expensive stuff inside. I have never had an issue, but the more you travel the more issues you run into. Pelicans are GREAT except for the actual carry-ability. Having to roll a pelican across a major city in the rain or mud or snow is a huge PITA. The other way to do it is get a soft duffel but get pelican or pelican-like hard case for the lenses/bodies inside, and pack all your other gear around it. There's tons of brands of soft carry-ons too, which are prob way better because they usually have backpack straps and built in dividers.
  8. I am new to UW photography but inherited a family member's subal + nikon d7200 with a ton of ports, strobes etc. We talked photography endlessly, and she was a birder and nature photographer topside (has a nice 400mm zoom for the nikon above water). I always pledged to get certified and try diving but I don't think I can swing the commitment this setup brings to the table, esp with new kids and whatnot- while I'd like to keep it as a memory of her I may flip it and just replace with a camera I can then hand down generationally. IDK anything about UW gear though, so I'm reading up on the subal housing and all the crazy ports etc it comes with.
  9. Hi all, I'm actually 100% new to diving but love analog/digital photography (~25 years?). My aunt was a member on this site, and an avid master PADI diver with 2000+ dives around the world, particularly southeast asia. She passed away recently, and I have been looking at the sites/communities she told me about when she shared her dive photography, as I always promised her I'd get certified and go diving (my hope was to go diving with her at the time).
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