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  1. I am selling my Canon RP setup that has never been underwater to transition to smaller setup to make space to my rebreather when traveling. It includes: Canon RB body (used) SeaFrogs 40m/130ft Underwater camera housing for Canon EOS RP (new) 6" Dry Dome Port V.13 × 1 (new) 8" Dry Dome Port for Sea Frogs Fujifilm X-T2 / X-T3 V.8 40M/130FT × 1 (new) Sea Frogs Dual 5-Pin Sync Cord to Nikonos type bulkhead for underwater housings, 100M/330FT × 1 (new) Fiber Optic Cable INON D Type to Sea&Sea 2 meters × 3 (new) Silicone grease (2 pieces) × 2 (new) Not splitting up the bundle. Selling for 1,999$ plus shipping.
  2. Here are picture for one of the 2.
  3. Hi all, I am selling my never unboxed INON strobes to move to video lights. I have: 2x Inon Z330 Underwater Strobe Z-330 2x Ultralight Inon Strobe Adapter (screw in ball mounts) 1x Inon O-ring spare set for Inon Strobes 2x Panasonic Eneloop Universal Charger w/4 AA batteries 2x Panasonic Eneloop AA NiMH Batteries - 4 Pack (total of 16 batteries and 2 chargers) All is in the original boxes and it has never been in the water. Bought from Backscatter. Asking 1,500 $ inclusive of shipping to the lower 48.
  4. Hi, I am in the market for a replacement of a 10 old compact Canon that I flooded. I am not willing to bring my full frame camera underwater, mostly because of the volume and weight for air travel. The 2 options I am considering are (1) a new compact camera and housing like Canon G7X and (2) a camera housing for my iPhone 12. In both cases I would mount them on a small tray with lights. I have a GoPro already and don’t consider it as an alternative given the still image quality is poor and it’s hard to properly shoot given the small screen. How would you compare the 2 in terms of image quality (video and still) and ease of use? Thank you!
  5. I used one recently and it worked fine. Only issue is that there is a bit of lag between pressing the housing buttons and the phone response. Apparently this is normal for all housings with bluetooth connection
  6. Red Sea operators claim that solo diving is not allowed in Egypt however it’s very easy to say you follow the guide and then dive by yourself
  7. Hi all, I am Mike from Denver. Rebreather diver with limited experience in photography but taking it as a new challenge for the coming year
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