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  1. Yes, Athena 170 OPD port is absolutely great, 100 meter oficially rated and BK7 Optical glass. Anybody know something about Nexus flat ports? Best
  2. Have some of you the way to find Anthis Nexus e-mail. I didn´t found it on its web site Anthis Manual owner indicates a depth rate for D200 Nexus housing is 75 m. That is OK, but no official information available about ports. That is what I canno´t belive ports have a diferent specification. Wich ports are Anthis supposing Nexus users should use for its housings? Best
  3. Is not anyone else a Nexus deep water diver? All the best
  4. It´s really hard to belive Nexus ports are rated just up to 40. Is that the "proffesional proof" they advertise? No information concerning this is provided by manufacturer in box, and Anthis web site is not an example of clarity, so meanwhile I get something "official" I think seller´s testimonial is not as valid as serious users one. So please keep on telling me more experiences. On the other hand, let me disagree with friend Scuba_SI concerning his Aquatica confidence. I come from it, after one disapointing flood because a bad sealing of the rear acrylic window. Many thanks all
  5. Hi all, I am a little confused about diferences I found on Nexus housings and ports depth rates from diferent sources. In some places I saw 60 meters, in others, 75 meters; and even thougt I was told ports canno´t be used under 40 meters. I have checked out my housing and Athena 170 dome port at 42 meters without any problem. ¿could anyone let me know their experiences with this housing and ports? All the best
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