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  1. Thank you for the amazing detail Alex! This was super thorough and helpful! You rock! I am so excited to go. I can't wait. All the best, Ken
  2. These are so fantastic!!! I hope tocapture some shots as good as these! Thank you for your feed back and for sharing the pics
  3. I would love to capture a shot of a whale shark! Great job these are very cool!!!
  4. The colors and fish are so vibrant. The reef looks like it is thriving too. Great video!
  5. Hi everyone, I hope your new year is off to a great start. I am taking a trip to Grand Cayman soon. I am seeking advice from anyone who has had the chance to go there on a couple questions. Did you need a photo permit to bring your photo gear? Did you have a favorite reef? Did you have a favorite wreck? Thank you for any insight you may have. All the best!
  6. Hi Everyone, I am excited to share images with you and to learn more and more. I travel pretty extesivley around the carribean and to parts of California and Mexico to dive. I just switched from my Ikelite setup to a Nauticam housing on my D850. All the best! Ken
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