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  1. @Divingmama Ordered a snoot, came in as expected and she was a breeze to work with! 10/10
  2. Sarthur1, bought a Inon D2000s flash, came in on time and in great condition. 10/10 would buy from him again!
  3. Is grease say for an Olympus housing, safe to use as grease for an Inon strobe? Also is there a grease that anyone would recommend that could be bought in bulk from a local hardware store? Anyone's experiences appreciated! thanks! Tim
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! Tim
  5. Hello! Looking for the best books on nudibranch identification, I'm interested in any area but I dive off Maui, and any specific reccomendations for nudis found off the Hawaiian islands would be much appreciated! In or out of print is fine. Tim
  6. Im picking up an olympus tg6 and the olympus housing, what fiber optic cable do I need to use (a part number would help a lot!) to connect an Ion D2000 to the camera? Thanks! Tim
  7. Hello, Originally a FL based diver, just moved to Maui and looking to get into true underwater photography. Ive been using aquariums and macro photography to photograph fish for about a year now, and am looking to take the leap into true underwater photography. Cheers Tim
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