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  1. Your article doesn't explain what adapter you used to mount a Nikkor UW lens to a Sony a1. I can see how you mount the Nikkor lens to the Nauticam housing (Nauticam Nikkor adapter), but then what happens between the Nikkor lens and the a1? I meant the Nikonos UW 13mm f/2.8 - the old uw one. Thanks.
  2. Thanks - really useful article. How do you connect the Nikkor lens to the Sony camera body? Did you consider the Nikkor UW 13mm? They look harder to get hold of. Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, Garth Cripps here. My day job is in marine conservation and fisheries management, but the rest of the time I am a keen photographer, both in and out of the water... I've been using a Canon 7d ii + Nauticam housing for years, but am now finally making the shift to Sony mirrorless. Have a predilection for uw wide angles. I've already spent countless hours reading Wetpixel forums, so am looking forward to being part of a knowledgeable community! Cheers
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