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  1. This has only been on a handful of dives. No scratches. Selling because I am upgrading to full frame. Retails for $619, but selling for $450 (free shipping within US). I am also selling the accompanying Lumix 8mm Lens on ebay. Message me if you buy the lens and I will knock $50 off the dome price.
  2. Thank you all for the great feedback! Agreed that it is worth keeping the 8mm and packing an extra lens for topside. A follow-up question - I noticed that this semi-dome (https://www.backscatter.com/AOI-DLP-04P-Acrylic-Sem-Dome-Port-Plastic-for-Pen) lists several compatible lenses in the product description. Am I to assume that they will all have varying levels of optical quality based off of their respective distance from the semi-dome?
  3. Ditto on the above post. I've had a pleasantly high hit rate for C-AF underwater, usually refocusing between every shot, but find it mostly unusable above water. Most times I stick to S-AF and am pretty happy with it, even in dim lighting. The photo below is from a recent trip to Maui. Shot with the Panasonic 8mm Fisheye.
  4. Hi All, My current rig is the Olympus epl10 in Backscatter Octohousing. I was wondering if anybody has successfully configured a port setup for the 17mm f1.2 Pro. I know that the dimensions are very close to the Olympus 60mm Macro lens, so it seems like it should fit in this port https://www.backscatter.com/AOI-Underwater-Flat-Lens-Port-FLP-02P-for-Olympus-PEN-Housings. Alternatively, the 34mm extension could be paired with the flat port that comes stock with the housing, but I like the idea of two less O-rings to maintain. I know that 17mm behind a flat port is considered "narrow" for underwater, but I'd like to minimize my lens collection. I own the Panasonic 8mm fisheye, but find it largely unusable topside. The fast aperture of the 17mm is also appealing because I don't want to invest in strobes (too little space in my carry on suitcase) and f1.2 will help in dark conditions. Am I placing too much value in f1.2 vs f1.7? The Panasonic 15mm 1.7 is another option, but the Pro is calling my name. Cheers, Eduardo
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm a recently certified Oakland, CA based diver that is really enjoying his newfound connection with photography, above and below water. My current setup is the Olympus epl10 in Octohousing from Backscatter. I've shot with the 14-42 EZ Lens and Panasonic 8mm Fisheye, but am interested in the 17mm F1.2 Pro. I'm not interested in investing in strobes at this time, so looking for a large aperture lens to capture as much ambient light as possible. Cheers, Eduardo
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