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  1. Selling a port adapter (N85 to N100, 65mm, with lock and zoom wheel, part number NA36205) and a N100 macro port (55mm long, part number NA37123). Together these allow the Sony 90mm to be used on APS-C cameras, with manual focus wheel if required (not included).. Condition: very good, the macro port has minimal signs of use on the bottom. New prices: Port adapter 525€ - selling for 425€ Macroport 440€ - selling for 340€ Both together: selling for 750€ Shipping at buyers cost. Payment methods: PayPal Friends, PayPal with buyer protection (buyer pays the fees), bank transfer, cash on collection (items located in southern Germany). Private sale, no warranty or return.
  2. Hi Wolfgang, Not exactly an S&S, but I'm triggering a Subtronic midi via an N5-N5 cable (~0.8m) with my Anglerfish V3. Electronic trigger works fine, only turning on and off of the trigger is a bit more cumbersome with the cable attached. I'd suggest borrowing a cable and test it on land. Sounds annoying, but as one can simply use the flash from a mobile phone, testing is quite easy (General issues I've previously stated in another thread were due to an TTL module in the strobe which is now disabled). Best, Fabian
  3. After switching from a wide angle to a fisheye lens, I'm parting with my Sony SEL1018F4 wide angle including Nauticam zoom ring (NA36173) and matching Nauticam 7 inch dome port (NA36129) totally voluntarily (and not on my wife's advice or anything). The original neoprene domeport cover was lousy in quality, I replaced it with a different one (fits just as well as the original, of course). All parts are used but fully functional. Condition is probably best described with the pictures, if you have any questions feel free to contact me! Original price was 1634€ (zoom ring 215, lens 799, dome port 620), today it is vllt a few euros less, so 1150€ seems to me a fair starting point. Willing to negotiate all reasonable offers! Located in Germany, shipping worldwide at buyers cost.
  4. Hi all, Thank you for your input, I appreciate it! I'll try the different modes (googled what I need to do...what the flying f***? Why?), and we'll, if that doesn't help im going to stick with DMF and practice... Sharkhottub, why does it take longer to recalibrate? I was only trying on land and have trouble seeing the issue, but keen to learn! Best, Fabian
  5. Well, then I'll have to wait for the Sony A6700... what a shame, a reason to buy more stuff
  6. Hi all, I'm using the Tokina 10-17 with a Metabones adapter (mark V, latest firmware) on an Sony A6500 (Zen 100mm domeport if that is of any relevance). I do like it very much except for the autofocus. I tried AF-C, that didn't work out at all for me, so now I'm using AF-S. I still find the autofocus quite slow, and in low light it really has trouble locking on the target. If the conditions are good and it locks, the shutterlag is still quite long. This would be a major drawback for large pelagics. I was thinking about using back button focus in conjunction with DMF. This way I can focus (or prefocus) and I still have the MF support in terms of red highlights on whatever is in focus. The I could shoot it a bit like the best of both worlds hopefully: no shutterlag as with MF, autofocus like AF-S, and if all else fails, I just prefocus on something in the right distance and use it like MF. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
  7. Thank you very much all of you! Your help is much appreciated!
  8. Hi all, thanks for the input. Here two more picture, hope this helps. There is indeed some debris on the rhinophore (easy to spot at 100%, but not at reduzed resolution for the internet).
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