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  1. Thanks for all of the tips folks! With my lack of time I think I'll stick with my gopro but hope to get a real rig for future travels!!!
  2. Hello - I'm looking for a housing for one of my Canon bodies... I have 1dx's both mark 1's, a 1d mark4 and an original 5d... my preference would be one that my 1dx could fit in. If you have one available let me know asap as I leave for the Galapagos the 27th of February:) thanks for looking!
  3. Amazing video and the music was killer too!!! I'm headed there in 10. days and can't wait! Mostly fishing and snorkeling from Isabel island.
  4. Hello - headed to Isabela island for a week the end of the month and likely will only have a gopro for my snorkeling/fishing adventures. I'm a Canon dslr shooter and joined here in hopes of procuring a housing for the trip but not sure if it'll happen in time (1dx mk1, 1dmk4, or the original 5d). Curious if anyone has any tips as I'm extremely green when it comes to underwater vid/photog experience and just as inexperienced using my gopro hero 9 black. TIA!!!
  5. Hello - Iowa, USA pro photog for 10 years, 1 dive, fishing and snorkeling enthusiast looking for canon 1dx housing and tips. and tricks.
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