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  1. Hi again! So I am currently using the 54.5 extension and the 8" acrylic port with the Rokinon and Aquatica housing, but I am experiencing dark corners, which are particularly noticeable with the lens stopped down. Too long of an extension ring? Obviously there are no corner issues outside of the housing.
  2. Hi Phil— I’ve read your reviews. Thanks for all the excellent information. I’m leaning towards acquiring the Rokinon for my cave trip and using an Aquatica housing with the 8” acrylic port. The only thing is that Aquatica has indicated that I’d “likely” require the 54.5mm extension (48457), not the 28.5mm extension (48453) that I think you used… not sure what to make of that. Thoughts? -Arianna
  3. Thanks for this. I read your review in the #122 issue. I would be interested in a setup of the Aquatica a1 housing with the 9.25” dome port and Sony 14mm. This is a lens I would use topside as well, which is a bonus for me. Simply having a housing and port is also a plus, without the need for extensions or adapters (even if the port itself is large).
  4. I would agree that you should be able to control aperture from the camera with this lens
  5. Thank you for this comparison. Have you had anyone test out the Sony FE 14mm F/1.8 GM lens? Would that lens perform best with the 9.25” glass dome port?
  6. Hey all. Looking for suggestions or creative solutions for the most streamlined WA rigs for the a1. I haven’t bought the housing yet— it’ll likely be Nauticam or Aquatica. I have a cave trip in July that I last dove with my D500 Aquatica rig. I slapped the Tokina 10-17mm on it and just used a 4” mini dome with video lights. Now that I sold that setup, I’d like to put together something simple again for the a1. Has anyone here used the Sony FE 20mm F1.8 G? Or a similar prime? I think it would be wide enough for what I’m doing. Is there another lens I should consider that won’t add crazy bulk? I’ll probably eventually put together some monstrosity with focus/extension rings and a large port but I’d prefer to be more streamlined for this trip. If it’s not possible, oh well haha. Appreciate any advice. -Arianna
  7. Hi Phil. Thanks for your response. I would be interested in reading your reviews. Regarding ports, I’m starting over. All I currently have are some video lights and arms!
  8. Mostly wide. Caves, springs, and sharks. Video is in the mix for sure, especially now.
  9. Hey all— after selling my DSLR rig, I’m finally bringing my topside camera underwater. I am looking for general advice or testimonials about the setups people seem to like for their a1 or other Sony mirrorless systems. I had an Aquatica for my DSLR— recommend that I stick with them for the a1? I also do not have strobes for this rig yet, but I need to settle on a pair so I can choose my bulkhead. Thanks in advance— I know if this a broad post, but I’m simply looking for what people recommend, what they wish they had/hadn’t purchased, etc. Thank you all!
  10. Hi there! I currently have someone else interested, but can keep you in mind if it doesn’t work out. $2500
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