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  1. Hi, I would like to sell my Nuticam view finder 45 DSLR. Its in great condition just used it for less than a year. The view finder comes with its box and neoprene pouch. Looking for 900$ shipping depends on your location
  2. I'm a nudibranch lover I found some of them where I dive usually Red Sea but still not yet familiar with names. Any book you guys recommend ? I will post some pictures
  3. Hi, I just obtained a new Sony A1 camera I have an issue with view finder underwater. When I just shutter and F stop the finder get darker so I can't do focus especially when I shoot macro. any adjustment I do I can see the effect on the finder. My previous DSLR Nikon d850 doesn't have this issue but I'm new into mirrorless is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  4. Hi, Im Naif form Jeddah, Saudi Arabia I have been diving since 2018 with almost 400 dives. I started with GoPro 5 then Nikon D850 now im using both Sony A1 and A7siii You can find my work at Instagram Naif_alfard_uw Cheers Naif
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