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    Nikon D200
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    Ikelite D200
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    Ikelite DS-125 (double set)
  1. I lost a D70 and a D200, both in IKELITE houses. Let it be clear that ONE drop of salt water anywhere in the camera means "OVER AND OUT" A DSLR in a housing get any water first from the bottem of the camera. I now am the owner of an E3 and when I look at the plastic cover (door) which closes the battery I challange anyone to execute the waterproof test with the camera upside down. Do not say I did not warn you...
  2. Can anyone tell me why the strobe connector on the Ikelite housing for the D200 is standing upwards?? On serveral models from Ikelite , like my previous one for the D70 it was turned downwards. Drups of water ...never come in. My fear became reality... in one way ore another drops entered and the fun is gone for some weeks... not to mention the amount of money for repair. Can anyone give me an update if you have the same experience and how it was solved? It is possible to have the connector turned downwards ??? Looking forward to serious reactions, Kind regards, RoDiver
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