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  1. Where ever you end up going, in my experience you'll have most luck seeing the more uncommon nudibranchs during night dives.
  2. That seems really unpleasant and not something that generally happens around Tiger Beach.
  3. It's extremely difficult to locate. Whatever it is, it is well hidden, and I cant reproduce it. But we've at least found something on the server, so we'll see if that can be tracked to this issue.
  4. To me this is starting to look more and more like a search hijacking on your own system. Thats a very common attack vector. They intercept your DNS requests, then send you someplace else, inject ads, and proxy you back to wetpixel. Anyone here with the poker ads able to check their DNS records and see if they're actually pointing to your service provider? Also, anyone NOT on windows see these ads?
  5. Well, fresh Win7 means nothing. The average re-infection of an unpatched (fresh) Windows 7 is measured in minutes. Anyways, it could very well be something on wetpixel. A bad ad, or worse. But it could also be something totally different. Right now we just dont know.
  6. Can people that see this post their operating system and browser? There is actually a virus going on that injects ads into your browser, but I think thats IE only.
  7. cor

    Subal ND2/D2x

    Hey all, i have 2 Subal ND2 housings with Nikon D2x cameras for sale, regular eye piece. Both are in good order, used em with great pleasure. Of course will sell each housing/camera combo separate. Send me a message if you're seriously interested.
  8. I see the same problem now and then. Ive sent a support request to the maker of the forum to see if this is some config error or a bug.
  9. Nothing wrong with options. Some people read others forums than just wetpixel (who would have thought) and not all of them run IPB.
  10. I have just signed up wetpixel to tapatalk, so you can read wetpixel through tapatalk.
  11. Just like I said before, confusion over the term 'pro', which is shown all over this and other industries It is confused with a measure of quality. (the other side of that coin is, that being a pro doesnt necessarily mean high quality, something ive seen quite a bit with resort photo/video pros). Of course, many amateurs/hobbyists do sell their work, creating that huge grey zone.
  12. I dont really agree with you that outside of photography pro is a measurement of quality. In my perception pro means they made it their profession. A pro soccer player (from europe after all) gets paid to play soccer all day. The result of this is that they become better at it than an amateur that plays on sunday afternoon for fun. So the effect is increased quality, but the cause is daily rigorous (paid) training. Photography, and especially underwater photography, has a huge influx of affluent people that can afford to practice a lot (and thus increase their quality) without making it their profession. (in most cases because being a heart surgeon is already a fulltime profession). Like you say, and has been mentioned in this thread, their output quality can often compete with people who made this their profession. Just look at some of the competitions and you can see this. Any field where the quality difference between paid and non/low-paid performers is small, is bound to have some issues regarding the delimitation and definition between the two. The two definitions for uw pro photographer that tend to get mixed together to form an unquantifiable mix is "someone that is really good at creating underwater images" and "a (paid) underwater industry professional". Some people lean more to the former, some more to the latter.
  13. So what does it mean to be a professional UW photographer? I havent quite seen that answered except maybe by John. Get paid for assignments that make up most of your income?
  14. Alex, well said. I really respect you for making it work for you. One thing id like to add is that you're partly describing how to start any business from scratch. Photography isnt the only field with few opportunities and a tough market. So basically, if you want to run a photography business, make sure you know or learn how to manage a (starting) business.
  15. Afaik using TTL on low internal flash power is not working well. I played with it for a bit, and couldnt get it to work right. For TTL you'd need a higher power output. I almost always use manual external strobe, and for that situation it's working well.
  16. You mean you want all 5?
  17. You mean a nikonos plug on one side, and 2 s&s on the other? I actually do. I'll sell it for $90 (eur 75), half of what b&h is asking.
  18. Hi all, i have 5 sea&sea 5 pin sync cords for sale. Sells new on b&h for $100, im selling these for $40 each or $180 for all 5. I tested them all on my subal d2x housing. They are in The Netherlands, so europe is prefered. Cor
  19. I just bought 16GB for my MBP. That's an 8,2, which has no problem taking 2 x 8GB SODIMMs. Cost me about 95 euros. Older systems have a max of 8GB. ErolE, an SSD will do more to the feeling of speed than anything else. No computer enters my house without SSD anymore SSD costs have come down significantly. You can get them between $250 and $350 for 256GB. That works just fine. The trick is to scrap your optical drive, and replace it with a 2nd harddrive. Ive got a 1TB 2nd drive in mine next to my 256GB SSD. You can get bays that allow a second drive here: http://www.mcetech.com/optibay.
  20. The most influential voice in the history of underwater photography.
  21. This may help: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46334
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