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  1. The Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro is a 6-megapixels digital SLR camera that delivers 12-megapixels images. This is due to each photosite's dual sensors which serve different purposes - one is for general exposure and the other is for highlight. This is the reason why S5 Pro has very excellent dynamic range. It is considered to perform well in portraits because the tonal rendition or skin-toned reproduction is topnotched. While it is curiously similar in build and functionalities to Nikon D200, the internal composition or mechanism between the two is not the same. S5 utilizes a SuperCCD SR Pro imaging chip that is regarded to deliver improvements in noise, dynamic range, and skin color over its predecessor, the S3 Pro. A visit to this site, http://www.smartratings.com/review/photogr...al_cameras/1028 , where a compilation of expert reviews about the camera is aggregated would be helpful.
  2. The best I can do is compare these two based on their ratings and reviews. Hope this helps: Nikon D2Xs SLR Digital - has an average expert rating of 87 (based on 4 expert sources) Nikon D200 SLR Digital Camera - has an average expert rating of 88 (based on 11 expert sources) Good luck.
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