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  1. Shooping.com is a great site. Thanks for all your responses and advice. It is extreamly helpfully. Being a novice of underwater photography I am kind of just figuring it out, but I am excited to try stuff out on my trip. It is still over a month away, but I promise to take some pictures. I also have an interview tomorrow with the Georgia Aquarium to become a part of their dive program. Wish me luck!
  2. Thanks. That helped a ton. I think I am going to go with the Ikelite. It is only $50 more and it sounds like it has a better life span and future options. Thank you so much.
  3. I am purchasing a housing for my Canno PowerShot and have found two compatable housings listed: the Ikelite 6147.8 UW and the Canon WP-DC9. Which one should I choose? The Ikelite seems more sturdy and gives me more option, bu tI can't find a photo of the Canon WP-DC9 and the manufacture of the camera should make a good housing...in theory. Please help me figure this one out? I am a totaly newbie to underwater photography.
  4. Thanks guys for all your help. I suspected that the prices were too good to be true. With many things in life (especially photography) it costs more beacuse it is better...oh well. A dive shop near my house sells some photo gear so I am going to pop by there and see if they have some of the strobes you suggested. I am excited about the housing, eventhough my PowerShot is essentially a point and shoot it does have a manual setting that allows me to adjust the shutter speed a little, and it looks like the housing allowes me to acsess that. Thanks for all your help. I am getting super excited for my trip.
  5. So I am building my first underwater camera set (only online so far, nothing purchased), am I am concidering the following. For my Cannon PowerShot SD800 IS, I am thinking about the Ikelite 6147.8 UW Housing. Or should I get the Canon brand underwater housing? I have a Canon 30D, but I am not able to invest the money for that housing yet. For strobes, again I am looking on the economical side (just something to give me light to play with), and I found these two that are in my price range, but I know nothing about them. Would they work with my camera and housing? I am brand new to underwater photography and just want something fun to play with on my Liveaboard next month. Bonica Neon Strobe Sealife Digital Strobe SL960D
  6. Absolutly! I can't wait. I have a little over a month to get ready!
  7. Thanks for your advice, I will look into that. I know lighting is always key...just have to consult my check book Any other suggestions from experts?
  8. Hey there. My name is Sarah and I found this forum as I was researching information on underwater photography. I have been diving for about 15 years and for my day job I am the creative director at a concrete company. With our small creative department I often get to shoot and art direct my own shoots, as well as design the collaterial and packaging. I love the start to finish hands on aspect. I am going on a liveaboard in the Bahamas this summer and thought it would be a fun opportunity to finally combine these two interests, diving and photography. I also volunteer at the Georgia Aquarium. Living in landlocked Atlanta, it is great to have the aquarium near by to visit and get my fix Here is a Platinum/Palladium image I shot and printed. It is Lake Michigan
  9. Hey there. I have been diving for about 15 years and have been shooting photos for my whole life (professionally for about 4 years since graduate school). I have a liveabard trip planned this summer and thought it might be fun to finally combine the two. I have a Canon 30D and a PowerShot SD800 (and a 8 x 10 Deerdorf, but I don't think they make housing for that ) Although I would love to get a housing and strobe for my 30D, I think I may start out playing with my PowerShot as I am not quite ready to invest all that money. My question is I have found two casing for the PowerShot SD800 one made by Canon and the other by Ikelite. I am leaning towards the Ikelite after reading some reviews of their products on this forum. What would you all recommend? Also, I realize that my P&S limits my aperture and sutterspeed manipulation capabilities, but I can do some tweaking on my PowerShot. Problem is, I would have to set it pre-dive and hope that is works, as I would not be able to change it once in the case. So what might be a good pre-set. Should I push the ISO? Set it to 2 stops over exposed before heading down? The SD800 allows for a minimal manual mode so I want to use it the best I can. Any suggestions?
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