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  1. I have a complete Ikelite system I was thinking of selling. Let me know if your still interested.
  2. I got tired of unthreading my strap and went shopping for a new one. All the quick release straps I found used plastic buckles that left a small strap and part of the buckle in the way. I could not find any of the older straps that I had years ago with the metal hooks on the end. I purchased four small j-hooks made of plated metal and threaded them on to end of two plain straps. I now have two quick release straps that work great on my gear. You need to be sure to hook them from the camera side out so the mouth of the hook is away from the camera. They haven't put a single scratch in my camera.
  3. I think it might be useful shooting macro with a little surge. I would just switch to manual focus and time the shot for the point of best focus.
  4. Just got my new computer running and checked the thread. Quite a few new things to consider. I usually shoot raw + jpg. The pictures were 14 bit raw files converted in photoshop elements 6.0 without adjustment so I could see what I actually shot. I no longer have the original jpg files to compare because I wrote over them with the photoshop files. So now I need to know if Photoshop even handles 14 bit files and if I should load the Capture NX & viewer software. I never bothered with my Canon because I also have a high end Nikon point & shoot for my wife and for times I didn't want to take my dslr out of the housing. Too much software already. Thanks for all the thought provoking feedback.
  5. Yes I started underwater with Sealife cameras for several years then used the Canon for a year. The Canon XTi does a great job underwater. I converted to the Nikon to push myself to the next level. I know it can far surpass by capability. Always striving to improve.
  6. My thanks to everyone for your feedback. I was shooting raw + jpeg. What you see is the uncorrected photo converted without adjustment in Photoshop elements 6. I don't notice the low contrast on land photos but the subject is in fairly dark water 65 ft down with 20-25 ft vis is really only lit by the modeling lights and flashes. It seems like I got more contrast with the canon but it did use scene files to add contrast in the camera. I haven't set up shooting banks or made any significant adjustments in the D300 yet. I have enough flash power to increase the f stop and improve the DOF. The only reason I would have increased the shutter speed was if I had more available light to worry about. Could part of this be motion blur from the shooter or subject movement? I didn't think it was a problem with the low natural light level.
  7. I recently upgraded from a Canon XTi to a Nikon D300. I had a year to learn the Canon and was getting fairly comfortable with it. After my first dives with the D300 I'm uncertain why I'm unhappy with these photos. Every shot seems soft and low on contrast. The dive conditions were fair for Hood Canal, 20 - 25 ft visibility in 50 degree water. I'm in my drysuit so already limited in handling my Ikelite housing with two DS-125 strobes. I'm not sure if this is my settings, the conditions or a little fogging. I wasn't using any desiccant but have some on order. I noticed a little condensation inside the housing but didn't see any on the lens or port. The first shot was with a Nikon 60mm macro behind a flat port. It was shot with TTL flash, 1/60th @ f/8. I used ISO 200, center weighted metering, continuous focus on 21 point around my initial focus point, adobe RGB. The second shot was with a Nikon 12-24mm @ 24mm behind a 6" dome port. It was shot with TTL flash, 1/60th @ f/11. I used ISO 200, center weighted metering, continuous focus on 21 point around my initial focus point, sRGB. I was getting as close as I could and would appreciate any suggestions about improving sharpness and contrast. Images hosted by freeimagehosting.net
  8. The housing and port are still available and are a great setup for a Canon XTi. The Canon camera on ebay has sold.
  9. I tried the lens (dry) with an Ikelite 6" port and housing and +4 diopter. The regular zoom clamp fit it but I found when I zoomed all the way out there was a lot of port and lens shade showing in the picture. I never put it in the water and decided it wasn't the lens for my setup. The lens moves about 1.7 inches as it zooms out. It might be fine in your port but I would check it for the full zoom range before diving with it. The lens moves about 1.7 inches as it zooms out.
  10. I recently purchased a Nikon D300, so I'm upgrading my underwater housing as well. I'm selling my Ikelite housing (#6871.40). I’m including an Ikelite 5503 - 6†dome port as well. The housing and port are less than a year old and work great. There are some minor cosmetic scratches that have no impact on performance. I included a picture taken on my last dive so you can see how it performs. This is a great steup for anyone looking to get into real underwater photography or advance your underwater snapshots to the next level. If you add an Ikelite flash you get full e-ttl 2 exposure control. No more over or under exposed shots. You can quickly switch between full automatic exposure, aperature priority, shutter priority or manual control for those creative shots you always wanted to take. You can shoot jpg and raw files so you get photos that are ready to view or you can color correct and edit with the raw files if you need to. This housing takes the full line of Ikelite ports so you aren't limited to just one lens either. And the best DSLR feature of all, NO SHUTTER LAG, when you push the button you get what was in the viewfinder. No more shots of what was there before it moved. This setup sells for $1600 but I'm only asking $1100 $1000 including shipping to continental US. If you need a camera and lens to go with it I have it listed on ebay I can accept credit cards via Paypal from a verified account. If you follow my ebay link you will see a have a good sellers reputation with 100% feedback score.
  11. I got the 16-85mm behind a 6" dome port today. Looks find on land when it's zoomed in. When I zoom all the way out I see lots of the dome shade. The lens travel between 16mm and 85mm is about 1.7 inches (4.3 cm). It might work fine with an 8'' dome but it's not what I was hoping for. I don't plan to put it in the water. I think I'll stick with the Nikon 12-24mm and 60mm macro for now.
  12. I have an extra DS-125 that's less that a year old. I recently had one drop shipped to me on a dive trip and got the orriginal replaced by Ikelite when I got back from the trip so I have three. make me a resonable offer and I can take payment through paypal by transfer or credit card.
  13. Are you in the USA? I may know of a slightly used one about to list on e-bay but they perfer not to ship international. It's less than a year old but is the DS-125 strobe only.
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