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  1. Hi All, I am new to wet pixel and hope I am doing this right. I have for sale the following items: Nikon D300 (w/ 3 batteries, charger, several different sized memory cards, a MC-36 remote for topside use, all in great shape) Aquatica D300 housing with moisture alarm and battery Aquatica arms for two strobes Nikon 16-85 lens with Aquatica ring gear for housing Sigma 12-24 lens with ring gear for housing 3 Ikelite strobes (a 160, a 125, and a DS51) all equiped for aquatica arms. and a Nikon 70-300 lens for topside use. Single and Double sync cords for housing with Ikelite strobes Aquatica housing has a 5-pin and a 2 pin sync ports just installed at Aquatica and never underwater. Housing has never been flooded. I bought it new, so it is a one owner housing. Dome ports will stay with me as I have just upgraded to a D7000 and need the ports on my new Aquatica Housing. If interested contact Tim @ 610-380-0103 (in PA) or via email at akfishguide@verizon.net Thanks for looking this over. Tim
  2. HI, I am new to Wet Pixel, but was told this is the place to sell what gear I have. I have an Aquatica D300 Housing for sale. I also have Aquatica arms for it. In addition, if interested I am selling the NIkon D300, a Nikon 16-86 lens with the Aquatica ring gear, a Sigma 12-24 with the ring gear for that as well. I have 3 Ilekite strobes (a 160, 125, and 51) and single and double sync cords if interested. Contact Tim at 610-380-0103 (in PA) if interested or want to talk about the gear. Thanks Tim
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