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  1. A few tire kickers but nothing serious yet. WIll part out the system if anyone is interested. WIll also take $7500 for everything.
  2. Downsizing my equipment. Have a Sea&Sea D3 system that hasn't been in the water. The system includes the following: Sea&Sea MDX Pro D3 housing Superdome Port w/ neoprene cover Flat Port 2 different size extension ports Sea&Sea YS-250 Strobes Sea&Sea TTL Converter 250 Y-Flash cord 2 single flash cords 17-35mm focus gear Fix HG20DX Light w/charger 4 buoyancy arm segments 7 ball clamps Other assorted pieces All packed in a Pelican 1620 case System is complete and all you need to do is add a camera and lens. System price $6500 obo D3 camera body $2000 with system purchase. Email with any questions.
  3. I saw a prototype housing at the NYUPS meeting last week. It was a polycarbonate housing, relatively small and light and it was set up with optical sync ports. Handled well, very compact and all the buttons seemed in the correct place for my mitts. Not sure of the manufacturer, believe it said Proof on the housing but will supposedly be shipping when the camera does. Had a dome port also. Camera made an appearance too. Didn't get to play very much but if it works as advertised I amy consider selling my video camera!! Looks like the housing/camera will be able to switch from snaps to video on the fly. Beau
  4. Back to the rumour mill - how many people seriuosly think that a new camera will improve their photography, whatever is announced will almost certainly feature incremental improvements - I still think that software has the potential to have a far more drastic effect on currently generated images - especially with regard to utilising the full bit depth that existing cameras provide. I do think technology has reached a point of diminishing retun for most shooters. Getting a new camera for me, however, does help me take better pictures! When I get a new toy I generally make more of an effort to get out and take more pictures both learning how to use it and wanting to see what it can do! More pictures = better photographer at least for me. Now one of my rich fantasy relatives needs to leave me a bundle for a new Hassy H3 system with a housing and I'll be an awesome photographer!!
  5. In my search for a new housing system I have been asking myself a few questions about digital housings. Appears to me that current offerings for digital SLRs are just mods to film housings. I realize that with the small market and expensive retooling costs, major changes are cost prohibitive. Does anyone think these would be viable "wants" for a camera housing: 1. Body independant: L&M is inching towards this with USB control. Couldn't someone design what would be essentially a box that would accomodate a variety of bodies with interchangeable spacers to places bodies in corrdect position for the port? HWile buttons are different on bodies, what we want the camera to do is the same no matter the body. 2. Why do you need to open the housing on a regular basis? Film required opening the body, digitial does not. Could either have prots for download and charging on the body or connect small cables to said ports on camera and clip inside for connection later. Just seal the body with screws or similar and you only need to open for maintenance etc. 3. Come up with a standard port system!! A fantasy I know but I can dream. I'm sure there are more, just a start.
  6. Has anyone got their hands on one yet? Am still in the market for a camera/housing system and I am intrigued by the USB contol promised by the housing. Does it work, is is practical, etc?
  7. beaur

    Pelican Cases

    Cleaning out some unused items, first things I came across were: 3 Pelicans cases still in their boxes all come with the padded dividers and all are black. 1620 $220 1650 $200 1550 $120 Shiiping is your responsibility. I am in Brooklyn if pick up is an option. Email me for more info. gofishy@verizon.net
  8. Have an almost complete system for sale. Includes (at a minimum) The F5 with DA-20 actionfinder, Igloo F5 housing with a dome port and a flat macro port for the 105. If there is interest I'll dig it out from under the bed and do a complete inventory. The F5 has been underwater but never flooded, and is in VG shape. The housing has never been UW and is in perfect shape. I anticipate selling the whole thing for ~$3K depending on what extras I can dig up. Email me at gofishy@verizon.net for more indo and pictures
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