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  1. Mine went after 3 dives , all i did was turn mine on before the dive and off after the dive (except the last one ). I know it's not the retailers fault . The fact that the manufacture can get away with just saying it flooded so it's the users fault.
  2. So has anyone here actually have the G7 and Ike set up? I would like to see some real photos and then read their comments
  3. HI James the only way I get the two lighting bolts in the LCD screen is if I set the internal flash off .If I do it the way you have suggested I only get one flash symbol, then if I turn the internal flash off, well neither of the flashes/strobe fire. I have set the internal to off and get the 2 symbols but the internal still fires .However it dose not give (internal flash)enough to light up the subject. Strange but true, so I’m wondering if this is just the way it should be for the strobe (external) to fire. Cheers Nunz
  4. Thanks for the info guys James, I know that the this strobe is over kill for this camera, but I could not go pass it at the time, the price was just so good.If and when I upgrade to DSLR I already have a strobe. cheers Nunz
  5. I have done a serach on these forums but couldn't find what I was looking for. I want to know why I can't get my SS200 strobe to fire, without the internal flash on the camera . The strobe will only fire when the internal flash fires???????? Is this normal ???the only reason this bothers me is that I have to change the cameras batteries between dives .The strobe is connected to the housing via a sync cord.Also would I be able to use the manual controller with this set up ?? TIA cheers Nunz
  6. Hi This topic may have been covered already but I couldn’t find anything in the search I just wanted to know if any one has had problem with the housing for the coolpix 5000 has it leaked do you have problem closing the back door with the camera in it any comments would be appreciated Cheers nunz
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