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  1. Wise conclusion, Drew! I would absolutely second that and personally vouch PRO SHARK FEEDING for exactly that reason. In a perfect world we would not penetrate the ocean at all and leave the sea alone. But divers or avid shark tourists are the lesser evil and might unfortunately be the last chance that these animals have. Sharks time is almost up. In Austria and Germany some media reports were supportive on baiting sharks but abolished shark feeding. The difference between baiting or feeding them does not matter very much to me. I think, as a diver during a feed you have to be more careful and watch out for the bait occasionally floating around. But this can also happen with enough chum and current. Furthermore with any shark that is large enough to carry away a bait crate or even crack it. Bottom line is that all shark divers need to constantly monitor current and all bait sources, no matter if these are secured or not. Speculating about the increased likelihood to get bitten during a shark-feed versus a shark-bait event is splitting hairs, I think.
  2. After we instantly plugged a German translation very similar to the WETPIXEL post this morning, the Austrian Online Web Magazine nullzeit.at now also has a report on the case. It features - fasten your seatbelt - an interview with Dr. Erich Ritter, who is still very popular here in Germany. The highlight of that interview is that Dr. Ritter claims to have seen all this coming. Nullzeit.at also reports that Dr. Ritter was approached by officials to investigate the case. I think Jim Abernethy will be very happy to hear about that. Just as I am,... As today Dr. Ritter started a lawsuit with DIGIDEEP.com accusing us to demote his academic title in public. For those who do not understand German, please use these links, to translate the German reports @ nullzeit.at and DIGIDEEP.com. Here is also a link to the German Echoes in our Forum, which is very similar to the responses seen with WETPIXEL users, here. No Surprise...
  3. Hi Drew, I just learned from Jim's page that it was very likely to be an Austrian citizen. It was confirmed several minutes ago, before I came back here. In fact I am very concerned about the media plug that will occur. Last time I volunteered to give some footage to one of the German news stations after a non-fatal shark accident occurred. I was hoping to get a good chance to speak for the sharks as an endangered species. Unfortunately they edited the interview and kept only some buzz in there. I was very disappointed and expressed my feelings about it online. This accident has exploited a very vulnerable part available to media with lesser intention on all the pictures and videos shark enthusiasts have on their hard drive. I am afraid that the previous hymn on human+shark friendship may now be abused.
  4. Scheisse - It's German but says it all in one word.
  5. Hi Alex, I actually did a write-up on my mixed feelings about the captivated Orcas: http://www.digideep.com/english/info/html/...lings-critique/ Amazing Animals, though.
  6. I do it because I like to show my housing to people
  7. I just stumpled across this post here. It is kina old but the site has grown so much since my most active days here as a digital newbie... So let's see.. I met a lot of the folks listed here, but unfortunately nobody seems to remember me I am especially reffering/comlaining to James (we stayed at your house and cleaned your aquarium and you forget me! doh! * well that was the complaint now thanks again for your great hospitality!) Eric (four times, Antibes, DEMA Berlin and Oakland) KDietz (remember DEMA?) and recently.. Dr. Alex the only one who has been there since the beginning of all these digital pathways and who I never met was Giles. I think I have to book my ticket to Cayman for 2007
  8. Hi everyone, and thanks for rewarding my news-post with this active discussion. The speculations made here are very nice. Especially for the insignifcant ammount a housing weighs. You are all completely right on that, but the article was not ment as a late April fool. In fact I got the idea of writing and researching the news after talking to a housing manufacturer. So it's not made up. My research revealed the illustrated increase in the stock market. Even though housing manufacturers use only little compared to other industries they might run into a supply problem. Spoken in economic terms they might even more easily run into a supply problem, than if they would consume more aluminium compared to other industries. The fact that they need so little gives them less buyer power than other industries. If they cannot benefit from the purchase of related companies in a group they might not even get the metal at all. I experienced the same situation when I was a productmanager for ISDN-Telephones. They needed the same components as Nokia and Erricsson during the cell-phone market boom. The fact that we did not buy as much as Siemens or Nokia resulted in a situation of not getting any products out for several month on the "less interesting" corded-phone market. In the end smaller companies (as the one I worked for) had to buy from the big ones at ridiculus prices. For computer chips of a certain kind that was up to 10 times of the list-price. You should expect that housing companies are not in the position of buying as cheap as on the stock market. Another fact you should consider is that Subal, Seacam, Sealux, Hugyfot... machine their housing (and sometimes also the ports) from a solid block that weighs much more than the housing itself. *** I just read that this was already mentioned above. sidenote: your comments are also warmly welcome under the article http://www.digideep.com/english/info/html/1282/
  9. Hi, so finally the Nikon guys have another reason to switch camera models. I wonder what will happen to me as a Canon user. I bet Photokina in Germany will tell us. Also IFA in Berlin is ahead. We will post you with news. We have put some info on DIGIDEEP.com, too: http://www.digideep.com/english/info/html/...80-dsrl-camera/ The product page will be filled with more manufacturers, as we ring them down today: http://www.digideep.com/english/digital/ph...kon/D80/25/2567 Please have a little patience for the compatability chart. Andi
  10. Hey guys, I was too tired to translate it right now. but here are some pictures of the viewfinder I received. I like it. It's nice, detachable for travel, svivelling and offer great magnification. Check out the pictures on DIGIDEEP: http://www.digideep.com/deutsch/meldung/ht...nkelsucher-vor/
  11. Hi, I am in the same situation as Julian and still do not have my 5D housed. I like the Seacam and SUBAL very much and they are currently among my favorites. During the SanDisk RedSea Underwater Photo Competition 2006 I had the chance to look at Adam's Ikelite housing for the 5D. The eTTL Circuit certainly allowed him to get some macro shots right, straight from the camera, while I still fiddled around with the manual settings. But Adam complained a little bit about the viewfinder. 2julian (jolly): According to him a sports-viewfinder is even more important on the 5D underwater than on his 20D. I am really attracted by a swiveling 45 degree viewfinder. SEACAM is great and user-approved UK-GERMANY is prototyped but not seen yet, as well as INON. A funny side-note (my very personal need) is the jog-dial vor selected focus points. I do not need it for selecting focus points, as you can also do it with the wheels. But the funny button has a very important second feature to me. When I press The Stress Relief Button I use it very often to control sharpness. For that, I zoom into the picture I just took and scroll around on critical parts, such as subject edjes etc. It helps me to control if I really got the shot, while I am still in the water. With macro I usually have the time to redo the picture, if I am not satisfied. So here comes the catch: all the housings I inspected during the BOOT SHOW in January do not support this jog dial button. The only 5D housing which had it done properly was from UK-GERMANY. My other favourites for ergonomics SEACAM and SUBAL simply left the drill out. Sealux hat a button drill there, but not the right interior for the button. The whole situation reminded me a little bit of the *-button issue that Eric addressed long ago towards SEACAM. Furtunately they listened to the market and solved it. Am I really alone with a "wish for the Jog Dial button" to scroll in my images during zoomed-in review? What do the other people that are in the market for a 5D housing think?
  12. @UWPhotoTech: Thanks for the positive feedback! @mattdiver: Hello Matt, are you involved for co-authoring the book from Michael Aw? If yes, I feel honored to meet you here B) But coming to answering your question - a question many others might have, too: The course is different and has different contents than other underwater photo courses and distinctive specialities that were previously submitted to PADI. Therefore you have to apply for a new Instructorship and I strongly recommend to attend the "Successful Digital Underwater Photography Workshop" with a PADI Course Director near you, if locally offered. There you get a lot more for your money and PADI statistics show that people who used this method of application actually start teaching the course. With direct application you can just "get the ticket" if you already have the old photo instructor specialty card. But as Giles already pointed out in DIGIDEEPs Forum, this procedure is prone to produce mediocre digital photo instructors. As you may guess I am not a big fan of that application method. But that is my personal opinion. @scorpio_fish: Students can be snorkelers - but they do not have to be! You can integrate Level One in the Open Water Course, but it is not a must! Remember, it is up to the instructor to evaluate the students capabilities and local enviroments. Andi
  13. Hey Ilan, can it be true? Will we finally meet... I cannot wait to get to Eilat. We just plugged it on our site: http://www.digideep.com/news_details.php?id=339_0_9_0_M
  14. Hello Wetpixel'lers, it has been a while since I found the time to post here. Partly also due to my latest assignments and the usual DIGIDEEP administration that keeps me busy. I have a personal question to ask here and I am very exited/nervous to read the answers. As PADI now officially printed the first books and white balance slates, I'd like to know if some of the users here already made contact with the new course (materials) and how you liked them. And yes, I thought we needed a slate to balance on Alex Filters If you still do not know what I am talking about, check the latest releases on wetpixel.com and DIGIDEEP here: http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/padis-digit...ography-course/ http://www.digideep.com/news_details.php?id=295_0_9_0_M Honest feedback good or bad is warmly welcome
  15. That display feature is so ironic: almost like digital TTL! When you start digital photography you think it is a must have. Once you (have to) turn it off for a while you discover real photography. Jus my 2 cents
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