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  1. Had one and sold it. Still have the camera and need another housing. If you have one, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Ikelite NEW housing for Nikon D300. Never in water. My Dad bought this with the intent of taking his D300 underwater. He passed before he could get it done. I came across this housing and know it would be a great addition for someone with a D300 wanting to shoot underwater. PERFECT NEW condition. My Dad paid nearly $1700 for this housing. See detailed description in last image. $700. or best offer plus shipping. Will ship worldwide from Katy, Texas. NO DISAPPOINTMENTS ON THIS HOUSING! Housing only, with accessories in photo. Mounting bar included. No DSLR camera in this deal, but I still have his D300 if you are interestred. Prefer PayPal payment. Contact me for how to send the funds. Ronald Johnson at grtday@gmail.com
  3. I did contact the dealer. He told me to go directly to MaHa. The product may be fine, (although mine melted the housing) but Maha's customer service was wretched! Perhaps one of the worst and most frustrating customer service experiences I have ever had to endure. NO EXCUSE!
  4. I bought a Maha 801 AA Ni-Cad/Li-ion battery charger after seeing it endorsed on this board. It worked great...for a month. After 4 weeks, it melted a cell and even melted the body of the charger. BIG fire hazard, but "No big deal," I thought. "I have the Maha 3 year warranty." Getting through to Maha was a bear. The web site for customer service never received any of my info. Finally, after 4 separate calls and 5 re-sends of the same information to 4 different addresses, they tell me: "We cannot locate your purchase in our vendors database and therefore cannot honor your warranty request." I was livid! I had invested $75 in a charger that was defective. THEY couldn't get it together to send me a valid web address to send the requested purchase invoice, PHOTO of the unit, as well as my pertinent information. I'm really fed up with MaHa/Powerex and would NOT recommend anyone purchase their product. They may have a great charger, but the customer service and warranty are worthless!
  5. Well, we non-Costa Rican's are new to it! The Aggressor Fleet just added the destination a little over a year ago!
  6. Still seeking housing for an old Nikon CP-8400. If you have one or know of one, I would appreciate your letting me know! Thanks!
  7. "We've done close to 30 liveaboards and do not do shore diving. This Aggressor franchise was top notch and had a stellar crew. Captain Mauricio was amiable and very capable. The dual cooks were over the top in quality, presentation, quantity, and taste. Some of the best food we have ever had! Eduardo, the head waiter anticipated and fulfilled our every need. He was incredible. The dive staff was attentive, safety conscious, and more-than-capable. Miguel, the Chief Engineer had everything running perfectly. This old Wind Dancer was in really top notch condition and had an incredible staff. It's a 12-16 hour boat ride from dockside to reach Guanacaste/Bat Islands. Very enjoyable as Eduardo kept our drinks full. High levels of anticipation made the boat trip seem slow....But we arrived the next morning and ready to dive! The diving...Well, let me start by saying "it ain't for sissies!" Guanacaste/Bat Islands is a newly opened pristine advanced dive site seldom ever seen by divers. I have never succumbed to wearing a wet suit and this trip got me don such. My dive computer showed 82 degrees at the surface, but only once, it flipped down to 71degrees….and the next reading said “WTF?”… and that is bloody cold! There was minimal coral life as we know it in the Caribbean or Western Pacific. Most all of Costa Rica is volcanic with lots of volcanic boulders teeming with fish like we’ve never seen! Nutrient rich Pacific currents keep the massive schools of fish everywhere. We have never seen such large schools of fish, effortlessly parting to accommodate invading divers. The surge was strong and very disconcerting, slamming us around and creating obstacles for all but the most experienced and physically fit divers. Most challenging was to dive from the Okeanos very-well-equipped dive tenders. We are used to stepping off the boat into the water. I had a new BC and needed to re-learn how to adjust my buoyancy with it. Visibility was also challenging. (Could be the season?) Bull Sharks came to investigate but only looked like shadows. 30-40' was normal and 60' maximum visibility was infrequent. This site is relatively virgin in it's lack of diver impact. Very healthy reefs and fish. Many sea horses and squadrons of Spotted Eagle Rays. Photography subjects were bright and plentiful, but the surge and debris in the water made for photography HELL! Not sure I would go back with so many other easier-to-dive sites in the world, but all in all, the Guanacaste/Bat Islands Okeanos Aggressor made for an excellent dive adventure. All advanced divers should do it!”
  8. Saw these used in my latest liveaboard dive trip. The http://www.lightdome.works/diffusers, behind the lens plane and pointed outward really reduced the amount of visible backscatter in the water. I was really impressed with their effectiveness to the point that I am buying a set. Take a look!
  9. Still looking for housing for the good ole Nikon CoopPix CP-8400. Does anyone have one lying around? Thanks in advance!
  10. Still looking if you have one, PLEASE contact me! Thanks!
  11. I just returned from Houston Camera Exchange where I met with the local Nikon Rep. I'm very interested in the new Nikon Keymission 360 for use in diving. The Rep was not well informed on the diving application so I was left to my own devices....and WetPixel.com So...this gizmo is waterproof to 100 ft and will do 360 photos and videos. One can do Bluetooth transmissions to ones phone or iPad and look at the images with a Nikon software viewer. The quality looks to be GREAT but I wonder what water will to the air-designed lens. Additionally, is there any NEED for a 360 image? http://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/action-cameras/action-accessories.page#watersport I'm really eager to hear other members thoughts on this system. I currently shoot a Nikon J-4 in the Nikon housing with the Nikon and Sea and Sea strobes. It looks 85% as good as a DSLR. Thanks to all in advance!
  12. Just got it today via Amazon. Looks great and can hardly wait to devour it! Thanks to all at Wetpixel for the best and most authoritive UW photo board in cyberspace.
  13. Looking for where this was moved and cannot seem to find it.
  14. Does anyone know the price of the UW Technics TTL converter?
  15. I used to spend about an hour and one half on each dive, editing and workflow. So much time that it interrupted my diving and quit photography. Yesterday I downloaded Vivid-Pix for Scuba. (www.vivid-pix.com). I was cautious about this but what the heck....If it shortened my workflow and give me the results I wanted, I'm on it! Well fellow shooters, I spent a couple of hours on it today and was completely amazed. Basically, one click after selection. Maybe a minor tweak but this software has a bad-ass algorithm that really works! Sadly it only works on .jpg and not RAW, but they will be having an upgrade that will work on .dng. My .jpg files are 7-10 mb while the RAW files are 40-60 mb. Like any software, it's not perfect, but this product exceeds its claims. I heartily recommend you download the trial. There are some of my beginning pics. Please see before and after below.
  16. If only I had known..... I check this board every few weeks. If you see one, please keep me in mind. BTW....You guys are doing a fantastic job. WetPixel is my only source for UW photo-info. Thanks!
  17. Leaving in 2 weeks and need a housing for this old Nikon camera. Please let me know if you have one or a line on one!
  18. Big thanks Damselfish. We will be on the Cayman Aggressor. Long time since we've been there and on that boat!
  19. For the last few years, I have seen the Lionfish infestation devastate the fish and ecological systems in the Caribbean. They were trying to teach sharks and groupers to eat them in the Turks and Caicos. One great solution! I'm probably expecting too much, but can anyone tell me if they have impacted the fish systems in the Cayman islands? I am so looking forward to a photo shoot there and hope to see the plethora of fish and healthy reef that I had enjoyed a few years back. GREAT board folks! VERY well done and thanks to all in advance!
  20. I've been a WetPixel member and UW photographer for 15 years. Recently I have switched to mirrorless, moving on from a Ikelite housing and strobes. It just baffles me that there are so many camera, housing, and accessory vendors in what I believe it to be a really small market segment. I guess the limited production is what causes some of them to charge $3-$5 K for a housing. I know, it has to be water and pressure proof, but that's a ton for a hard metal housing for ANYTHING! Nikon recently offered UW housing, strobes, handles, cableing, etc. sourced from Sea and Sea. Neither Nikon OR Sea and Sea will acknowledge their coss-supply and that just irritates the heck out of me! I'm anxious to see what it will do in clear water. Bloody Bay Wall, here I come!
  21. I'm looking to move into rechargable batteries for my Sea and Sea YS-D2 and Nikon SD-N10 strobes. Each take 4 AA batteries. I',ve never had much success with the battery life of the rechargables, but taking a couple of dozen batteries on a dive trip SUX. So...who has had great successes with what brand, what amperage size, and where to buy them? I already have an Anmann 8 & 16 cell charger so just looking for the batteries. All right experts, let me know!
  22. The numbers dont have to be spot on, just an idea. I'm just baffled that there is so little information on the state of the UW photo industry. I'm not looking for secrets, just an idea of how big it is and how this many manufacturers compete with such a small eclectic sample of photographers
  23. Need a housing for my good ole Nikon 800 coolpix. Any help or leads appreciated!
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